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    • 1. Southern Strategy is an actual political practice, so I used the phrase in my title.

      2. Read the tags where I said “not saying they’re all racists.”

      3. Politics are skewed by geographics, as any statistician would tell you. People in Santa Monica, CA don’t generally have the same values as the citizens of Mobile, Alabama. Of course there are outliers, but I’m dealing in generalities here. Local cultures believe things that other cultures don’t, and are often fiercely protective of those beliefs. People move somewhere to be near like-minded people. Other people stay in the same town they grew up in to stay with like-minded people. And many Southerners have no problem referring to everyone on the coasts as bed-wetting liberals. It happens.

      • Sometimes stereotypes are true. – or have you not noticed all extreme Right politicians and Tea Partiers having a decidedly Southern drawl?

        Of course the South would be far more accepting of White Obama and they certainly wouldn’t be asking for another version of his birth certificate and calling him anti-american — and sending out cartoons with him depicted as a primate.

        It’s the “Southern Way”. No one should have to explain.

      • Bronc,
        My comment was actually at Creighton Beryl, not towards you. I’m aware that Southern Strategy is unfortunately a real thing. What pisses me off are people like Creighton Beryl and Jordan who have probably never met educated Alabamians (like myself) who are tired of the “Alabamians are racist” stereotype. Are there racists in Alabama? Probably. Should the whole state be defined by that? No. And Jordan, the south didn’t send out any cartoon with Obama as a primate, that was the New York Post. As a matter of fact, your entire post is filled with inaccuracies.

        • The smart ones anywhere are likely to get dragged down by the racist dummies. It’s unfortunate, but that’s how it is. We are seldom judged by the accomplishments of our great thinkers, but rather by the loudmouthed idiots who happen to share our zip code or place of worship.

        • Play on words, Girly. The whole idea was to add a White Guy name to the picture. That’s where the O’Bama part came in. See? I would not have even bothered to mention “BAMA” if his last name were Olemiss.

    • girlytiger, I am with you. I think people of good will come in all colors, cultures, religions, political bents. The only thing we disagree on is how to achieve our common goals. It’s really too bad to just sling mud on a perceived ‘other’. This just perpetuates division.

    • Right on, GirlyTiger. I’m an architect in Biloxi, MS and am sick unto death when I fly to Boston or San Francisco or L.A. and get treated like I am some sweaty cracker with an I.Q. of 80.
      Look, y’all; me n’ GirlyTiger are the ones sittin’ here in the Deep South watching YOU enlightened ones along the west coast and east coast torch your cities with race riots. We get along; I think you are confusing us with our grandparents. It never ceases to amaze me; the East/West cost fair-haired ones who have never actually been to the South yet assume from their vast knowledge of movie scripts written by lazy Hollywood nephews that we are all either 1.) southern whites who are lusty, sweaty gap-toothed crackers, or 2.) African-American pathetic Jim Crow yassa-massa victims, don’t get the irony about how THEY are being prejudiced. It flies over their heads like a U2 spy-plane.
      Thank God for the Arizona Bigot Spectacle, GirlyTiger. It pushes the ugly truth a little closer to the Children of the Sun.

      • Born and reared in Biloxi/D’Iberville myself, Sock. (Notice the proper use of grammar) The stereotype of the dumb southerner is as disgusting as the idiotic idea that all southerners are racist. I have lived in a few “enlightened” areas of the country as well, and, let me tell you, there is just as much, if not more racism in said areas. And a lot of it is directed at whites. This is just as abhorrent as racism directed towards blacks, Latinos, Asians, etc…. yet it seems to be accepted and encouraged is today’s society. How backwards and destructive is that?

        On the pic, I hate his white half just as much as his black half…. and that has nothing to do with skin color. It’s all about political views and ideals. I have a calculator, and I use it….

  1. I don’t know what to say… except, this is really strange to look at. Also, I was hoping my sister would have her son today (it’s her due date) so I could tell him years from now that he shares a birthday with the first president I was able to vote for :P

      • Bush’s incompetence does not excuse Obama’s! And at least we were spared McCain’s (because of Bush). Had McCain been elected, the Republicans could have kissed goodby any shot at winning anything anytime soon. As it is I believe the horrible-ness of Obama’s presidency may cement the Republicans ascendancy for the forseeable future.

        • I have my own issues with Obama, but he’s had to spend his entire Presidency trying to bring the country back from economic ruin. He’s had to do this in spite of a Republican party which has made a pact to vote NO on anything he tries to pass. The same Republican party which thinks the most important issues facing the country are gun ownership and preventing gays from marrying. A party which believes the richest companies in the world should pay no taxes.
          I don’t see how Obama has much chance of success with the odds stacked against him to that extent.

        • You do oversimplify and misrepresent the Republican’s approach, which is typical of those who disagree. What makes me sad for the future is the growing inability of liberals and conservatives to work together despite differences in methods. What liberals will not grant is the possibility that conservatives want the same things as they, we just disagree on how to get there. For instance, I think you’re probably a nice guy despite the fact we seem to have opposite views on politics…but I’d be (pleasantly) surprised if you acknowledged the same about me.

          I don’t know what your views are on politics, and you don’t know mine. I’m not a liberal, for one thing. I’m quite conservative on fiscal matters. It’s a shame Republicans can’t say the same. For eight years they spent money like freshman college students who just got their first credit card. NO thought was given to fiscal responsibility. NO thought was given to keeping the deficit under control. They freely spent as much money as they wanted, with no commensurate increase in taxes, and just chalked the whole thing up to “9-11 changed everything.” Just tell people it’s all being done in the interests of national security and no one will ask where the money is coming from.
          Now that they’ve beggared the country (with no small amount of help from the feckless Democrats) they pretend to actually care about financial responsibility. I’m not buying their story. It’s a little late for that.
          Why is it that every time one of these politicians is asked about SPECIFIC programs they would cut they can’t come up with a straight answer? Because they know it’s easy to say you will cut things, but hard to actually do it. Not when you have constituents with their hands out. Not when the primary goal of any politician is re-election.
          I’m perfectly willing to have a political discussion, but if you can’t acknowledge that Republican intransigence is higher now than it’s ever been there’s not much we can really talk about. Their #1 goal, their stated mission (per Mitch McConnell) is to make sure Obama is a one-term President. Not “ensure equality for every citizen” or “put everyone back to work” or “make health care affordable for all.” Just “get rid of the guy who’s there now.” The country’s in the toilet right now, but Obama inherited this situation and is trying his best to fix it. – BD

  2. Prejudice is based on ignorance. Some of the most ignorant people I know are East Coast/West Coast types that assume that bad movies accurately portray Southerners. Does racism exist in the South? Yes. Is racism in the South any worse than other parts of the country? No. Is the South getting better? Yes. My grandfather was racist. My grandchildren are biracial. Welcome to the New South.

    • Thumbs up, Steppin’. I live in an upscale Biloxi community and out of my block of 6 neighbors there’s just one fully Caucasian family; our block is Vietnamese, African-American, Latino, and half are biracial. Because once we all put aside our differences, not only are we better as humans, but the pool of available hotties to bang gets a lot bigger and we can git it ON.

    • My parents come from southern IL, and I can tell you for a FACT that the racism in the midwest is more virulent than in the south.
      Although, in the south, “Black History Month” always had a punitive flavor. I wasn’t the only one that cheered when February ended. It always tended to have the opposite effect of what was intended – trying to make someone feel guilty for being white makes them ANGRY. Forcing them to do it for a whole month only magnifies it.

  3. My husband and I have lived in Alabama all our lives. We are currently foster parents to a sweet little African American boy. We plan to adopt him as soon as he becomes legally available. We are also in the process of adopting a little girl of Hispanic ancestry. My husband and I are white.

    Do we get attention when we are out with the kids? Sure, but 99% of it is positive. You might find a racist individual here or there, but they are the exception, not the rule. Unfortunately, the “exceptions” get more attention than the majority.

    • Thank you. Adoption is so important in this country. Unfortunately, most people just want to make their own kids. Fostering children is extremely difficult, and you should be commended for it.

  4. I’m another well-educated, liberal, southerner. I have lived in Alabama all of my life, with the exception of a year in Atlanta while I was in school. I’m white, I voted for Obama, and I hate the fact that our country is so divided. It’s stupid, and we’re getting nothing done. All the vitriol and veiled racism (birthers, I am looking at you) is so counterproductive.

    The stereotypes of Southerners drive me crazy. I’ve got all of my teeth and I wear shoes, and I have a college degree. I know how to spell, and I don’t meet suitors at family reunions.

    One big difference I’ve seen between democrats and republicans is the anger. Why do republicans seem so angry? My dad’s a republican, and he listens to talk radio, and I’ve noticed so much anger in the commentators’ voices. What’s up with that?

  5. Actually, BD, I agree with your reply to my last comment, the Repubs have not done what is right for this country. I also agree that we don’t know each other’s views, I am very much a fiscal conservative who did not vote Republican in the last TWO presidential races. I also believe that establishment politicians of all/both sides are very similar. See, this is my point, we’re actually much more similar in our views than simple off hand statements allow. No doubt our differences are strongest in our outlooks towards the current administration. I can stand that, because I think we all really want what is best for our country, even if we don’t agree on evrything. And I already know this comment is going to get me negative ratings, but it’s ok, because I know my heart. BTW, I do love ‘Regretsy’ and this site as well. I’d rather laugh than fight!

    • Oh, and the way I interpret that the stated ‘goal’ to make O a one term President is because they believe he is bad for the economy, bad for families, small business (I have little love for Big Business myself). I don’t believe this administration is so much pro equality as it is pro equality for some newer groups and not pro equality for others (mainly conservative religious). It may be some sort of justice to now elevate gay marriage and persecute religious conservatives, but it isn’t true justice. In the matter of Obama’s race, he could never have been elected President in a truly racist country. We have to stop focusing on our differences if this thing is ever going to work.

    • The current crop of Republicans say they worship Reagan, but I think he would have found most of them to be unprincipled hacks. Republicans these days know nothing about what the party should be. They seem to only care about abortion, guns, gays and immigration. If they could get rid of the obsession with social issues and religion, and focus on actual sensible financial reform, I would take them a lot more seriously.
      The wedge issues are only used during campaign season anyway, no candidate has any intention of actually doing anything about them. As soon as they get elected the move on to raising money for reelection and forget all about that Constitutional Amendment to make gay marriage illegal. Funny how that works.
      Gays are not going away. You can’t pass laws to make them stop being gay. They are human beings who deserve equal treatment. The sooner the Right realizes this the sooner they’ll pick up a lot more supporters.
      Abortion is not going to be made illegal again. It just isn’t. Whatever one feels about it, it’s been legal for almost 40 years and the majority of Americans want to keep it that way.
      Guns are fine, but some form of gun control is necessary. I like pizza too, but I can’t eat it three times a day.
      People want reasonable health insurance. As much as Sean Hannity says “we have the greatest health care system in the world” that doesn’t do me any good if I can never afford to use it. Other countries have figured it out better than we have, and we can’t decide not to listen to them just because the French are annoying.
      Illegal immigrants are also not going away. 20 million people aren’t going back to their home countries today, tomorrow or 10 years from now. Ronald Reagan knew this, and granted them amnesty. Now “amnesty” is a bad word, mostly among people who have no idea Reagan granted it.
      Prayer and Intelligent Design need to stay out of public schools.
      These are all social wedge issues that should have nothing to do with actual government.

  6. I really think we expect too much of the president, no matter who he/she is. Shouldn’t we be expecting CONGRESS to bring the country back from financial ruin? The president should be little more than a politician – a figurehead with talking points. But Obama has garnered so much attention because he’s 50% black. Whoopty-doo. Who cares?
    I have great criticism for him, not because he’s part black, but because I believe that his political ideology is firmly planted in the clouds instead of reality.

  7. Okay i come to this site to get away from political shit…and here it is…should we take every Fox News, CNN,NBC, and CBS report and flog it on here too? SHIT FUCK DAMN!!! Start bitchin about the oil companies their greediness threw us in this mess while we are at it…Now I want to see a pic of Rush Limbaugh in a Tigger suit…singing the tigger song…someone get on that and put it in a sampler on Regretsy…FUCK!

  8. I’m from the South.
    I’m Republican.
    I Currently Live in Arizona.

    ***WOW*** What did I win for having THREE targets on my back?


    I’m not a racist. I know what being a republican means and it has nothing to do with race, Jeebus, Intelligent Design (WTF…you confuse Republicans with biting-the-head-off-chicken Nazereene Mid-West Tent Revival Folks), Being a Gun Fanatic, Abortion, Etc.

    I am a republican because I want my government to be SMALL. I don’t want them involved in ever facet of my life. I want them to give me the FREEDOM to pursue my happiness, to live my life, and to wallow in the liberty I have as an AMERICAN CITIZEN. I don’t want to pay for a generational welfare/entitlement system that is NOT WORKING and needs to be examined and, honestly, done away with.

    Have an abortion, I could give a fuck. I don’t, personally, agree with it but this is AMERICA. I embrace your right to do so but I also embrace my right to not have to PAY for it.

    GUN RIGHTS. Have a gun. Don’t have a gun. I don’t own guns because I have small children in my home and they frighten me. But I embrace my neighbors’ rights to own one and assume they have the good sense to not target practice in the neighborhood after they’ve downed a sixer watching the game. The folks who have a gun, legally, aren’t the ones that scare me. The same logic that says arresting illegals won’t stop the border-jumping problem can be used to say that making guns illegal won’t stop the gun-violence problem.

    Leave religion out of the classroom. YOU BET. I agree 100%. But, on the same token, leave the other agendas out of there, too! I’ve got an idea….let’s teach them to READ, and do MATH and other good stuff.

    PARENT YOUR CHILDREN. Stop expecting the schools to do it for you!

    ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It IS a problem. It isn’t about race, either. It’s about waiting your turn in line and doing things the CORRECT way. They jump the border and they disrupt the system. I was brought up with southern manners. You follow the rules and you do not break into someone else’s home, y’all.

    Obama: He’s a puppet. He’s ridiculous. And I seriously doubt that he identifies with most of the African American peeps in this country. He wants a BIG government and because of that I don’t like him. This is the reason most of my republican counterparts don’t like him, either. Big Government = LESS freedom, less liberty, less opportunities to pursue happiness.

    The Modern Republican Party: FAIL

    The Modern Democrat Party: FAIL

    The Modern American in Regards to Politics: FAIL. Turn off your TVs and stop getting your news from Glen Beck, John Stewart and Facebook Re-postings.

    We’ve stopped thinking for ourselves. THIS is the problem with America.

    (Alright….I’m going to go drink some moonshine, shoot blanks at the border jumpers, beat my kids and see if my Collector’s Edition HeeHaw DVD arrived in the mail.)

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