13 thoughts on “WINNING at Finally Making Soccer More Interesting

  1. The conversation beforehand-

    Asshole friend: “Dude, you should totally streak the game.”

    Naked dude: “Naw, man, I don’t need pictures of me on the Internet with my junk all out.”

    Asshole friend: “Dude, c’mon! Soccer, who the hell is gonna see it?”

  2. I’m glad I read this, cos I always forget just how INTERESTING American sports are compared to the ones the rest of the World plays. Oh look! A commercial break…

  3. Yeah cos ‘football’ is waaaaaaaaaay more entertaining than ‘soccer’. With all its stop-start-stop-start action and countless commercial breaks (as aforementioned). Watch rugby if you want a less commericalised, less pussy, more manly sport. Or, alternatively, GTFO.

    • I can’t argue with the manliness and excitement of Rugby, but Rugby ain’t soccer. Tell me, what’s less interesting: endless commercial breaks or a non-stop parade of guys faking injuries and flopping?

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