21 thoughts on “WINNING at Inciting Road Rage

  1. Wow, this asshole wins the Most Bigoted Fucktard award. He’s just a poseur supremacist though — he’s driving a fucking Scion under all those dipshit exercises of free speech.

  2. DERP

    This guy has it ALL WRONG. I remember George W telling us in the post 9-11 presidential address that “…the Tourists hate freedom.” That’s why he clamped down on passports so hard. This guy needs to wield his mighty Bumper Sticker Powers against The Tourists; they hate fraydum and they hate US. God help us if The Tourists ever git NUKULAR BAWMZ.

  3. And yet they drive a Scion…

    Also, am I the only one that noticed the Waffen SS in “Isslam” AND the “Coexist” sticker fairly close toeach other?

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