In an interesting coincidence, nobody needs to shut the fuck up more than you idiots. Are we really come to this? It’s bad enough when hens like this get their granny panties in a wad when they hear dirty words, now they’re waging a campaign against things that remind them of swear words? You all sound like the one million lamest mothers ever put upon this earth. Please stop bothering everybody or get jobs or something. There’s way too many of you, and the sane people are feeling crowded.

Full story HERE.

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52 thoughts on “WINNING at STFU

  1. I was thinking about something similar just this morning, when I saw an ad for a Bud Light Cruise Ship where a guy gets off the boat with a blow-up doll. I thought, “I’m surprised the ad execs thought that was a good idea, when so many people find so much stuff offensive.”

    Personally, I was more offended by the idea of a boat full of people, all drunk on Bud fuckin’ Light. Blech.

  2. I’m more offended at the grossness that is oversweetened, far-too-shelf-stable “cookies” than I am at swearing. If my five year old came in here right now and said, “Hey mom, let’s bake some fucking cookies!” I’d a) laugh, b) remind her that such words must be kept at home and certainly not be used at school because that’ll get us both in trouble, and c) be damned proud that she thinks of cookies as a home-made thing instead of a pre-packaged bit of sugar goo.

    Not that she’d likely say that, because swearing is mostly meaningless to her since I do it all the time. The only time little kids swear intentionally is to get attention, so it’s exactly these panties-bunched parents causing any real problem in the first place.

    • In 2nd grade, I told two classmates to stop bitching when they were arguing. That’s how it was used in my house, and I honestly didn’t even know it was a swear word.

  3. Seriously? How about taking responsibility for teaching your children what that can and can’t say in your home, instead of deciding for everyone else. But what the hell do I know, my four year old said you’re all twatwaffles.

  4. Really?
    Shut the Fuck Up = Shut the Front Door
    Shit = Crap
    Damn = Darn
    Ass = Butt

    There are “clean” versions of every curse word out there. How uptight can people get? Ridiculous.

  5. I had a look at their website (doing my bit by sucking up some of their bandwidth or whatever) and wow! What a bunch of assholes! It’s the ultimate busybody group — “As a member, you agree to participate in at least one project a week.” Gosh, why not one a day?! I especially enjoyed the explanation of how they rarely support a tv show that does good things (no sex, violence, profanity, etc; they used Home Makeover as an example) because they are forced to take into consideration all the “dirty” shows that are promoted during commercial breaks.

    Wonder if they get tired carrying the weight of human decency on their martyred shoulders all the time?

  6. So, my mom was cussing me out when I was growing up and I didn’t know it? I guess “Don’t slam the screen door!” was something incredibly filthy.

  7. Since the AFA is a hate group, I suspect they are troubled by the black/white union being promoted in the Oreo cookie.
    Or perhaps if you “shut the front door” it implies that your back door is wide open?

  8. As someone who works with kids, I would not have a problem with them saying “shut the front door”. I hear a lot of real swears coming out of the mouths of kids as young as two and while it’s hilarious, it’s not really kosher with parents of other kids.

  9. They would prefer that their kids say STFU? Even if the kids say “Oh fudge” or “shoot” it is jsut in plac of fuck and shit. What do they want, children who take vows of silence unil turning 18?

  10. From their FAQ page
    What if I receive a nasty letter from someone I contact?
    Unfortunately, not everyone we target is open to receiving criticism. Though it rarely happens, someone may respond with a letter expressing disdain for your opinion…. Don’t let it dissuade you from continuing your activism efforts.”

    Wonder how “open” they are to criticism? Also, am I the only one disturbed by the term “target?” Maybe just too much exposure to anti-aboriton crazies but I would think people who are targeted are proably a little to jumpt to listen to criticism.

  11. When I hear “shut the front door” and fudge I think of bum lovin’.
    Am I the only one?

    Then I read the rest of the story and still think my interpretation makes more sense.

    The only thing offensive with the whole thing is aiming products with such a high calorie count and no nutritional value at children.

  12. Ok, I see the “Take Action” button on the bottom, and I clicked on it. It gives you a pre-filled-in email describing what they want to take off the air, change, etc. I’m thinking I’m going to do all of them and subtly change the meanings in each one. Thoughts?

  13. I do wonder, if they have gone after Nabisco and Wrigleys (according to the article there were suggestive gum wrappers), why is Orbit gum getting off the hook? Not only do they run their “dirty mouth” commercials, and use the profane “Shut the front door,” but they also use “churn my butter” and “lint-licker;” the last is used in an exchange between a man’s wife and his mistress. You would think the Million Morons would be peeing their twisted granny-panties about those!

    • I always thought of it like a southern expression for an exclamation, like ‘butter my butt and call me a biscuit’, or whatever and some expressions my grandma uses are quite colorful. ‘Hard as a preachermans dick’ is the most memorable. And her mom could really come up with some good ones, but I was too young at the time to realize I should write them all down.

      Anyway, I have saved that dirty mouth lint licker commercial on my dvr and my son tells me I curse too much, so I’m not really a good mom to judge on what children should see and hear. I’m glad they are able to set me straight. Hey, I didn’t even know Tinky Winky was gay until Jerry Falwell told me. I hadn’t even noticed his purse or figured out he was a boy.

      I think I’m going to call Kraft and tell then how much I enjoy, I mean, hate, their commerical.

  14. Shit, I just taught my two year old niece to say “Oh snap!” Her family all thought it was cute and funny, but I’m afraid these people might try to take her away from us now.

  15. I’m more appalled by the fact that they feed these types of processed foods to their children then I am by the commercial.

    They’re teaching their children intolerance and homophobia. I’m not sure why they’re so proud of that.

  16. Sure, it takes the place of STFU, but it could just as easily be interpreted as a way of saying (southern belle voice) “well, shut my mouth!” Which is just a genteel way of saying STFU, but you don’t see anyone boycotting reruns of Hee-Haw.

  17. All your not-really-a-swear-word-but-whatever-we-have-nothing-else-to-bitch-about-this-week are belong to us. We can also haz hate Barney cuz he’s purple and you know what THAT means…
    That means goatse.

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