Image Posting Tutorial

Here’s how you post an image on this site:

Step 1. You need a picture.

This is obvious. I won’t be telling you how to do any Photoshop this time around, because I can already feel my hair getting grayer just typing this one. Suffice to say, you have a picture you want to show to people.

Like this one, for example. I’m sure you all have a copy of this album lying around.

Step 2. Hosting the picture.

This means you have to sign up for an online photo hosting site such as photobucket, imageshack, etc.

There are lots of sites out there that serve this function. Pick one and sign up.

Now that you’re signed up, you should see this button or one very much like it.

Click and upload your Philip Michael Thomas album artwork.
Now you’re ready for some serious hosting!

3. Copy the HTML

Once your image is uploaded you will see a page that looks something like this:

Now, see that box on the right-hand side that says “Share this photo?” That’s where the magic happens.

You want the one that says “HTML code”

Click on that line of code to copy it. The line of code should look like this:

See? Pointy brackets, not the other kind.
Everything that’s in between those quotation marks is your link information. That’s the part that will be different for each image. The rest is unchanging.

4. Paste the HTML code

Now that you’ve got that code copied, head on over to WinningAtEverything (or some lesser site) and open up a comment box like this one:

Paste your code into that box.

Click “Post Comment” and everything is done. There will be a picture posted in your comment. We will never again think you’re an idiot.

That’s it. Sorry if I wasn’t clearer last night. Don’t be discouraged, it won’t happen again. And I promise not to write any more educational posts.

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16 thoughts on “Image Posting Tutorial

  1. Thanks for this dude. I regularly post on lesser sites, (by which I mean Cracked) but their requirements are different. I now consider myself educated in the ways of W@E posting. Props and apples and such to Professor Drywall, site-sitter of excellence (and April…just for general awesomeness…)

  2. I’ve never posted a picture anywhere in my life before. I don’t know how to use photoshop at all, so I won’t be participating in this contest, but my photo posting virginity weighs heavy on my mind. I want you to be my first.

    Therefore, I hope you don’t mind if I attempt to post a picture of a blobfish. If it doesn’t work, I’ll kill myself.

  3. For over an hour now I’ve been wallowing in my personal fail at finding the appropriate way to html-tag an image. Alas, if only I’ve known beforehand that it was your lack of explanation that was to blame! If you could see me now, I’m sure I’d be shaking my fist at you in a manner that would be threatening had there been less alcohol involved.
    As it is, I stand educated now. I bow before your expertise, even if it was belated.

  4. I promise you I was doing it right and nothing was coming across. Even below this box it says “You may use these HTML tags and attributes:” and is not listed.

    Below this line I am putting this text (html encoded so it’s visible):
    <img src=””>

    You should see the google logo above this line of text, with the actual “img” text displayed above the logo.

    • Sure, now it works. But you know what, the tag is listed in the “You may use these HTML tags and attributes” now (it was NOT before). I bet it has something to do with # of posts or some Admin setting.

    • Me too Zeer. It’s the same way I post them on Regretsy and, much to the disgust of everyone involved, they always show up there when I try.
      The important thing here is the skimpy thong I pictured Bronc wearing while he was writing up this instructional post. I vow to keep making a mess of things in hopes he will have to write another one. In the interest of science.

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