28 thoughts on “WINNING at Jingoism

  1. Label FAIL!

    Jingoism is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy. Creating an official national language is national policy.

    Most every other nation including Mexico have a national language. It doesn’t make other languages illegal, just makes one language the official language of government.

    Why is it when Americans go abroad they are bashed for not knowing the local language but when foreigners move here to LIVE all of a sudden it’s ok to NOT speak the local language?

    Knock off the US bashing.

  2. Which English exactly? Would that be the “text speak” kids are using these days? Maybe “leet speak” though I think that’s fairly dead. Possibly African American Vernacular English? British English? Proper American English? I mean, there are so many choices just saying “English” isn’t really going to clear up the issue.

    I’m not against having a national language because, if you live in a country you should learn to speak the predominant language of said country, but one really shouldn’t be a dick about it.

    • The funny thing about this? If English were made the official language these xenophobic rednecks wouldn’t be speaking it properly, either. I’m not making exceptions for “y’all” and “git ‘er done.”

      • LAWLS oh how true. If you can’t spell it odds are you can’t speak it, I think the converse is true as well. Of course, that’s just based on my personal experiences, I could be wrong about one but probably not about both.

  3. ‘National languages’ should only really become an issue when it is a discussion about large linguistic minorities in a state who’s location often predates the creation of such a state (look at post colonial expereince in Africa or Asia or even somehwere like Belgium)… when it is a linguistic majority getting shirty about some percieved undermining of the majority language by the existance of minorities who don;t have it as their first language, people should ask themselves: What language is on my currency? And what language do I speak when I gotta pay my taxes? Job done…

  4. PS, I don’t know how the sarcasm detectors function here, but I knoa they’re a little fritzy at home on Regretsy sometimes, so, for safety’s sake, the above post is complete and utter sarcasm.

  5. Thats borderline retarded, why is it the stupid ones always stand outside holding a sign. America is the continent. North America to be exact. The United States is the country. Thats like saying “Welcome To Europe Now Learn French” because France is in Europe.

  6. Make you official language Finnish, so it’s a fair fight. Something that’s a bitch to learn from scratch, and that nobody much speaks in the US.

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