36 thoughts on “WINNING at Avoiding Sandwiches

    • I love it when fat people mock people with self control and an impressive exercise regime.

      I’d say something mean about her, too, but I don’t see much of anything wrong.
      She’s thin and muscled. Maybe she just doesn’t like porkfat mayo wonderbread sandwhiches. I personally cut the crusts off of mine.
      Baby steps.

      • I enjoy making fun of extremes at both ends of the spectrum. This girl is certainly fit, but a little too skinny for my liking. She also seems inordinately pleased with herself. Taking pictures of your abs in the mirror is always worthy of scorn.

        The same goes for using regime when you mean regimen.

        • Touche.
          But hey, if I had abs, I’d totally take pictures.

          And I prefer regime.

          regime |riˈ zh ēm; rā-| (also régime)
          1 a government, esp. an authoritarian one.
          2 a system or planned way of doing things, esp. one imposed from above : detention centers with a very tough physical regime.
          • a coordinated program for the promotion or restoration of health; a regimen : a low-calorie, low-fat regime.

          Maybe she got that body in a Russian prison.

        • She looks like a figure competitor, so she’s probably at competition time, hence the dehydrated, veiny look and the tan skin– I’m willing to bet she doesn’t look like this all the time. And it takes a ton of work and discipline to look like that, so I’d probably be grinning and taking pictures too. I don’t see any problem with her making her own choices about what to do with her body.

          Oh, and by the way, not all skinny people need to eat sandwiches.

      • I love it when people who can’t see what other people even look like nor what gender they are assume things about them… like what their weight is.

        I also love it when people bash fat people at random just because they think all fat people want to be skinny.

        Oh and you know a third thing I love? I love it when people talk about things they love like they’re not even talking about the previous comment like it’ll make it better.

  1. Meh I’m so offended. Eating disorders are serious issues plus it’s obvious that she blah blah blah whatever I want a sandwich and a beer.

  2. She looks just too happy and in love with herself. Even if she didn’t look like a strip of tanned cow-hide, that adoring glance is just strange.

    • Pretty sure those aren’t hers- she can’t possibly still be having periods.

      Mmm, looking like an orange lollipop is my goal in life too /sarcasm.

  3. As skinny as she is and she still can’t find jeans big enough to cover her underwear? Stop staring at yourself long enought to find underwear/jeans that work or just go comando.

  4. I’m trying to decide whether it’s shopped or not… not that it looks terribly impossible, it’d just be the sort of thing a chica would do, and it would explain her expression. “OMG! i’m totally going to take a pic of myself and photo on some bad ass abs!”

  5. I just don’t understand why people feel it’s okay to be way too thin but horribly (and even morally) wrong to be fat.

    I’m fat now, but when I was younger I was thin. Dangerously thin. As in “wearing children’s jeans” thin (and I was 17).

    The only person who ever expressed any concern was my mother. Everyone else (including my doctor) told me I looked great, despite the fact that my periods had stopped and you could literally see my ribs and the edges of my hip bones. If I tried to sleep on my stomach I got bruises on my skin from my hip bones pressing against the mattress.

    Now, being fat, I get laughed at in the supermarket and everyone is giving me suggestions on how I can be “healthier.” By which they just mean “skinnier.”

    I’m healthier now than I was then. At least now I don’t pass out on a regular basis…..

    • Really? When I was 14-15 years old and quite skinny, I had random strangers remark on me me all the time. The adult females would express their concern and often even put a “comforting”(a.k.a. very uncomfortable) arm around me when “ging me advice” (a.k.a. meddling). The adult males would joke that I wansn’t ever going to get a boyfriend if I didn’t give him “something to hold on to”. The teenagers weren’t so bad, they just would yell things like “hey you, eat a burger!”.
      And really, I wasn’t even unhealthy skinny. I just hadn’t grown into a womans shape yet.

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