58 thoughts on “WINNING at Setting Back Women's Rights By 75 Years

  1. Actually, are you sure they’re not part of Slutwalk?


    from the site:
    “A representative of the Toronto Police gave shocking insight into the Force’s view of sexual assault by stating: “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”. Being assaulted isn’t about what you wear; it’s not even about sex; but using a pejorative term to rationalize inexcusable behaviour creates an environment in which it’s okay to blame the victim.

    It’s actually a women’s rights movement aimed at getting people to stop blaming victims of rape. The “right to be a slut” as it were. So, they could actually be activists, honestly.

  2. It’s amazing, I go to school, and these are the kind of people who go there with me! I’m trying to do my work and all I can hear are the girls behind me talking about how they’re hooking up with some guy after school, and they’re gonna do sooo many things I don’t think I should talk about with him… And they aren’t even pretty or as cute as these girls here, though it’s a damn shame these girls act like that when they look so young. Suffice it to say, I’m glad I’m gay.

  3. it must so difficult to be a teenage boy these days. In no way am I saying these girls are asking for rape, but if they are asking for sex, how hard would it be for hormone-filled adolescent guys to say no.

  4. Actually, people who frame women’s desire for sex as something shameful and bad are the ones who are setting back women’s rights, by trying to impose chastity and/or abstinence as the only acceptable modes of sexual behaviour for women.

    This post should be tagged “unintentionally ironic”.

    • I don’t think the fact that these girls/women/whatever are sexually active is the point. There’s an honest difference between a sexy, empowered woman who is in charge of her decisions and teenagers who think they’ll garner more popularity with the opposite sex and like-minded friends by branding themselves with a word that suggests that their most important merit is the physical presence of a vagina.

      • Women who self-consciously use the word slut, to the extent that they’ll smear a sexist insult all over their bodies, tend to be “in charge of their decisions.”

        The kind of girls who are having sex they don’t want to have, just for attention, are exactly the kind of people who use “slut” as an insult. Those other girls over there, the ones that go too far, are sluts; they’re just “fun.”

    • i don’t think chastity or abstinence are the only acceptable modes for women.
      however, i think chastity is acceptable for CHILDREN, which these girls are.

  5. Anyone else notice that these girls are all wearing their underwear over their stockings? Clearly they just want to be superheroes. They’re under-dressed enough, but seem to be lacking in super powers.

  6. How is sluttiness opposed to feminism in any way? What offends me about this is the implication that there’s something so horrible and inherently degrading about female sexuality that using or expressing it makes women less worthy of equality with men.

    That, or no one’s implying anything, and otherwise liberal people just need an excuse to express their disgust with slutty women without thinking too hard.

      • I was responding to the post, not the commenters. I’m sure everyone here has their hearts in the right place.

        A slut is someone who has a lot of sex.


        “a woman with the morals of a man”
        “Someone who provides a very needed service for the community and sleeps with everyone.”
        “A derogatory term. Refers to a sexually promiscuous person, usually female. One who engages in sexual activity with a large number of persons.”

        Slut or slattern is a pejorative term applied to an individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous. The term is generally applied to women and was an insult or offensive term of disparagement, meaning “dirty or slovenly.”

        People who call themselves sluts are usually sexually liberated because they are making a statement, overtly political or not, that they are not ashamed of their promiscuous behavior.


        I don’t know what the intent of or motive behind the post was; as I said, I don’t think it was thought through. But I’ve tried to explain why it’s viscerally offensive. Because it seems to imply that having a lot of sex or being sexually liberated is somehow opposed to equal rights for women.

        • Correction: It’s viscerally offensive to you because you’re seeing what you want to see. At no point do I mean to imply “that having a lot of sex or being sexually liberated is somehow opposed to equal rights for women.” I’m sorry if you think that’s my intent, but you’re wrong.

        • Don’t worry. Every once in a while, a person won’t be able to get a good joke and will climb on their high horse instead. It can happen to anybody. No big deal.

        • Yes, of course viscerally offensive to me. I almost said that.

          For about the third time, I do not think you intended to imply “that having a lot of sex or being sexually liberated is somehow opposed to equal rights for women.” Again, “I don’t know what the intent of or motive behind the post was; as I said, I don’t think it was thought through.”

          Read it again. Come on, nobody likes to be misrepresented.

          I’m trying to explain my feelings, the likely feelings of one other commenter, and probably the feelings of quite a few others.

          For the record, I don’t like to see these things. It’s more fun for everyone to make fun of tacky people.

          At the very least, please be more careful. A lot of women come to these issues with a lot of baggage, and jokes like these can easily get mixed up with frat-boy mockery of promiscuous women.

        • I have absolutely no issue with women who wish to feel sexually liberated. Women have every right to have sex with whomever they wish, without feeling ashamed (provided no one gets hurt). I do not think this is a picture of socially-conscious feminist thinkers.
          If I thought these girls were making a bold feminist statement I wouldn’t be making fun of them. I seriously do not think that’s what we are seeing here. To me this looks like young girls catering to the basest whims of men. Pandering to the kind of men who would view them as nothing but sex objects. Giving the Hooters crowd exactly what they want. Dressing up as a caricature of female sexuality; presenting themselves as nothing more than their sex organs. That is a world away from embracing feminist goals.
          When I look at this picture I see young girls acting silly and dumb. Is there a remote possibility they’re on their way to a Take Back The Night rally? Sure, but that does not seem very likely to me. All I have to go on is what I see here. This picture is from several years ago (like 2006 or so) so they aren’t a part of the SlutWalk movement.
          Again, I’m sorry if you thought I was implying anything negative about sexually liberated women, but that’s quite literally the exact opposite of what I was doing. I was not appealing to frat boy humor, but mocking the behavior of girls who seem to be trying to curry the favor of those same frat boys.

  7. I think they’re standing out of order, and meant to spell “LUSTS”. ;-)

    They certainly want young boys to lust after them, but proclaiming “sluts” is just as disturbing to me as the youngsters (like teenyboppers) who take cell pics of themselves doing that awful duckface pout thing.

  8. Holy shit. I know the girl on the far left. She’s in the Navy.

    Also, wymmwombnists complain all the time that men who have sex with lots of women are “studs” and girls who have sex with lots of men are “sluts.” Y’know what, I’m pretty sure that a guy who has sex with lots of women is just as gross as a girl who has sex with lots of guys. Opening your legs every time you decide to knock back Jell-o shooters at your local frat house doesn’t make you sexually liberated any more than the type of guys who’d be interested in you for it.

  9. Multiple loveless and even anonymous sexual encounters have nothing to do with pride or empowerment. Feminism is not about how many guys you can fuck at the beer pong party. I thought we owed young women a better lesson than this, but instead, we gave them Sex and the City, and elevated walking vaginas like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian to princess status. You may not know this, but there was a time in our culture when you needed more than a sex tape to be a star.

    The problem is not that we applaud this behavior in men and not women. The problem is that we applaud it at all.

    • Sex can be fun while being anonymous and loveless. There’s nothing wrong with treating sex that way if that’s what you want, male or female. And there’s nothing wrong with only wishing to experience physical intimacy in the context of a meaningful relationship.
      Feminism isn’t about how many guys you can fuck at the beer pong party, sure. It is about giving women the strength to choose for themselves how many (from zero to all) guys they want to fuck at the beer pong party.

  10. Thought that I would lighten up the tread a bit.

    My friend thinks that his girl is a slut because she had slept with 14 guys (he told me that he had slept with over 70 women). I asked him why he is with her then. He said ‘because she buys me shit.’ To which I replied, ‘Well, she might be a slut, but you’re a whore.’

  11. The mystery is solved!! these girls are fans of Rocky horror picture show, at which first timers at the live production are referred to as “virgins” and regulars are referred to as “sluts” it is then written on you, by yourself or other theater goers in red lipstick. It is extremely normal to dress like this at a rocky horror production and encouraged, most theaters offer reduced ticket price for particpating in the theme. Coincidently enough, the first time I went to a show was in 2006, I was 15… and let me just say, just because I understand it, doesnt mean I don’t think it’s in poor taste.

    • Is that true? Crap. I used to actually do that stuff when I was younger. It’s been so long I’d completely forgotten about that part of the ritual.
      If so, egg on my face.

  12. Okay, okay, I agree that feminsim is not about shoving your vagina in people’s faces for attention, but it certainly should tolerate that shoving.

    If sexual liberation means anything, it’s not just for girls we like: Slutwalk protesters, Rocky Horror Picture Show fans, empowered women, etc. It’s also for genuinely stupid sorority girls who think writing slut on their bodies is a hilarious joke and who like sleeping with muscular, beer-chugging fraternity guys because that’s what turns their crank. Even if it grosses us out.

    To me those girls look like they’re having fun. We have no reason to think they’re not legitimately using their sexuality the way they want.

    • Okay,but now you’re calling it “sexual liberation”, and not “feminism”. That’s a whole different thing, and in that context I can agree with you.

      I think what makes my hackles rise is when we isolate ANY behavior that ANY female engages in, and attach it to the feminism banner. Would we also say that it’s part of the feministic agenda to be a drunk? Hey, men are drunks! What about being a junkie? Why should men get all the heroin?

      I don’t care if you want to fuck a whole football team. But don’t pretend that makes you a warrior.

  13. I went to elementary through high school with these girls (small world, right?) and I can confirm that they were going to Rocky Horror live, which is a big summer event in our town. I used to go myself. In high school it was (believe it or not) innocent fun. The guys dressed just as ridiculously anyway; no one actually was or thought anyone else who went was a “slut.” In fact the show and audience mocked the term.

    • Yeah I feel dumb now. I never even considered the possibility of Rocky Horror.
      I’ve learned a valuable lesson: never be judgmental again.*

      * Hasn’t actually learned this lesson.

  14. I believe the right to be a slut is a fundamental human right that all women (and men) have. I applaud these courageous women for the courage to proclaim this to the world in this manner.
    Although now that I know it was some retarded Rocky Mountain Horror showing, eh.

  15. amazing that it has been such a mature conversation that we’ve gotten all the way down to here and i still have the extraordinary and lucky opportunity to call DIBS ON “U”. seriously people, you didn’t really think they were proudly proclaiming themselves as sluts, did you? even if you don’t know about RHPS, you really think they would be posing for that pic for that reason? but hey, if it means that the attention was somewhere else so that i can make an official and binding call of “dibs”, then so be it, i am happy everyone else was busy judging them. plus she looks like the older sister anyway so it’s ok. :P

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