Nothing good ever happens in Ibiza

Well, OK. That’s pretty weird. She wants to look like a caricature of herself. I guess there are stranger things. Well, here’s what the caricature looks like.

That’s…. pretty extreme, but whatever floats your boat.

Here’s what Krystina looks like now:


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24 thoughts on “Nothing good ever happens in Ibiza

  1. What caricature artist puts tits like that on a drawing for a 15-year-old?!

    And you know, she could save herself a lot of time and money if she just had the plentiful fat she possesses transferred to other parts of her body. ‘Course, then she’d likely tip over.

    And is she wearing curtains?!

    • Graytrees – you must be one of those “Rich Kids of Instagram”. I can’t imagine having a house so expensive that it would have windows large enough that they would have curtains that big!

  2. I just can’t believe that photo is of the woman described in the caricature text. Who would go to all the trouble of surgery and makeup tattoos, and then NOT GO BLONDE?!

      • So, funny(ish) story. My credit card was hacked and someone tried to spend almost a grand on it at the website of a well-known high-end retailer. I sorted it with my credit card company, but the retailer itself followed up with me a few days later to make sure that the rejection was legit and they should cancel the order. I asked the rep what the person attempted to buy and he said “sneakers.” I was all “and what else?” He said “just the sneakers, ma’am. We are a high-end retailer, you know.” I begged him to send me a link to the nearly $1000 sneakers they sold, barely containing my laughter that anyone would be stupid enough to spend that on any shoes, much less tennies. The link he sent me was something similar to this monstrosity, except in ALL manner of metallic lame and neon colors. I think I disrupted the whole office for a solid 20 minutes cracking up over anyone paying ANY money for something that hideous.

  3. Her waist in the caricature is smaller than her upper arms now.
    If she was willing to spend a fortune on recreating that caricature,she might have paid attention to the details other than the enormous boobs. At least she didn’t get her teeth made crooked or had a chunk taken out of her nose.

  4. Okay, obviously the woman is mentally ill but – who the HELL draws a FIFTEEN year old with BARE boobs? Whomever drew the caricature needs to be taken out and castrated because there’s obviously something wrong with anyone who’d draw a CHILD like that!

      • Yeah, Ibiza has a lot of topless and I think even clothing optional beaches. She was probably topless at the time. It’s also possible that the artist didn’t know she was only 15. A lot of 15-year-olds do look much older.

        And even if the artist knew it might not have mattered. Over there they don’t get freaked out so much about breasts the way many people over here do.

        • Breasts aside, if you Google you can find a picture of her at 15 (I was curious how that critter could possibly turn into this monstrosity) on one of those tabloid sites and she was not Pam Anderson. More like a generic stumpy 15 year old movie sidekick. This artist either has a very colorful imagination or a stock of celebrity characters he’s trying to sell out.

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