10 thoughts on “Intuition!

    • I won’t hate on you. I have no problem with Nickleback. Maybe someone here can explain to me just why they are so viciously hated, anyway. I’ve heard much, MUCH worse.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s because when he sings he sounds like he’s grunting like he’s straining to take a dump. Who knows—maybe those bags of shit for sale or his.

      • Well apparently allegedly after Silver Side up they allegedly sold out. People wanted more of what silver side up was and nickelback wanted to possibly go a different way. People being people deemed it Selling out rather than doing something smart and looking for the gems on the future albums that exsist. Like On dark horse you have the chilling Just To Get High where chad talks about the drug abuse that took his best friend.

    • I HATE those goddamn pants! lol! But if you have to;
      a) hide the fact you dropped a load in your undies
      b) hide the fact you have a teeny penis

      these are the pants for you!!

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