9 thoughts on “Is that all there is?

  1. I can’t stand people who say things like “it is what it is”…such a slacker attitude of resignation and helpless acceptance of the way things are.

    Oh well, nothing I can do about that; c’est la vie!

    • At the end of the day, it is what it is; so no use crying over spilt milk under the bridge; you’re just barking up the wrong street, hemming and hawing around the maypole.

      George Orwell was right.

  2. It* is what it* is.

    *It is reality-trash television, which is in a footrace with Fox News to make sure the movie “Idiocracy” becomes prophetic. Much like how architectural modernism was first accepted as a stylistic sea change, but then stayed because stripping buildings of adornment was cheaper, thusly ushering in the ass-ugly buildings of the 60’s and 70’s, now we have shit-tons of moronic “reality” television which was cute at first but now has taking over and replaced more expensive-to-produce higher quality scripted dramas and comedies so that now looking at the programming guide is akin to looking at a sun-bloated mule’s carcass writhing and alive with maggots decimating its withering host………

    …sorry. What were we talking about?

    • The court shows have a very specific draw, one that is obvious if you read the fine print in the credits…

      The awards are made out of the show’s budget.

      So, if I need to sue someone who I know doesn’t have the money, and I’m not well-educated/skilled enough to handle small claims and pursuing judgement on my own, and I really need the money and have a low sense of shame… It starts to make sense once you see that little nugget in the credits.

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