8 thoughts on “Your virginity lives to fight another day

  1. Well, technically, I am inclined to agree. Then again, my bookshelves are full of L.E. Modesitt, Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey and R.A. Salvatore books, so I’m probably not one to be judging this particular subject.

  2. I have always agreed with this. All around you see guys wearing jerseys of the favorite players and baseball caps of their favorite teams. But if someone wears a Starfleet shirt they’re either sad or have a screw loose.

    “You know you’re not Captain Kirk, right?”

    “Yeah, and you’re not Lebron James, so take off his f___ing shirt!”

    Or the people who think only losers would play D&D or online RPGs, while at the same time they are in fantasy football and baseball leagues. You’re no more the manager of a professional sports team than I am a dwarf warrior. We’re both just role-playing. You’re just substituting daily stats from games for dice rolls.

    I’ve never actually played D&D or dressed as someone from a book/movie/TV show. But I have played MMORPGs, and as a sci-fi/fantasy fan and general all-around nerd I’m sick of the double-standard.

    • Yeah so true…so a bunch of sad sacks can play basketball in the park wearing jerseys of famous basketball legends like Levar Burton, Drew Brees, etc and nobody calls the cops on them. But I walk into ONE little Wal-Mart wielding a blood-and-hair-encrusted mace and full chain armor…

  3. “How do people get into crap like that?”

    A relative who kills real animals for pleasure, incredulous that some of us love video games.

    • I don’t even like the killing of animals in video games let alone in real life. The whole concept of killing animals for “sport” is sickening.
      These morons would soon object if a bear or deer, etc, crashed into their lounge rooms and started kicking their heads in while they sit in their armchairs minding their own business!
      But it is perfectly acceptable for them to do it to animals in their own environment. And someone who does this “sport” dares comment on someone else’s choice of entertainment? Pfft!

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