8 thoughts on “No Kill Like Overkill

  1. Also, I’d need to know which country this is before declaring it overkill. America? Possibly. Australia? Whatever the fuck that spider is, you’re underprepared…

  2. If it were here (Australia) that gun may not save you……google Huntsman Spiders, Wolf Spiders, And Bird Eating Spiders, that is just 3 of the hideous eight legged freaks we have to put up with.
    Oh and Funnel Web Spiders…..

    • National Geographic Channel, et al., have done a wonderful job of informing me to never visit your beautiful country filled with wonderful people and creatures each and every one of which will murder me before I can even blink. It’s like an evolutionary arms race that spun out of control…

      • Ah yes, the above is true. We grew up with the constant threat to our lives, so we are a bit hardier (not!) when it comes to our deadly inhabitants.

        Just never watch Wolf Creek and Wolf Creek 2, you will NEVER EVER visit here! Those damned movies make me want to leave Australia myself!

  3. It’s a spider – he needs a bigger gun than that! And a flame thrower. Yeah, a flame thrower. Then a grenade. Only to have that 8 legged zombie ass eater roll out and declare “Bitch, I’m fabulous!”

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