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  1. Uncomfortable truth: A lot of female clothing is designed to attract male attention. There is a line somewhere between appropriate and inappropriate. Do you think if a girl were to wear only underwear one day it would be appropriate to expect no reaction? That being said I suspect the clothing being worn is far from inappropriate, at least if it’s “leggings” as stated.

    It works both ways – both parties have to practise restraint.

    • Looks of “wait…am I hallucinating? Is that girl only wearing underwear?” Sure, one might expect that. What one would NOT expect, regardless of what they were wearing, would be whistles, hoots, and hollers. Obvious and blatant staring. Touching. Unfortunately, these things seem to happen to me while still in my flannel PJs when my dog decides he has to go NOW at 7 AM on the weekend. Or while walking to work in a sweater and slacks. Or while coming home from my softball game in uniform. Or…well, you see the point.

      • The softball uniform story is priceless… My team at the time had only crappy bats, so I was carrying my halfway decent one with me, strapped into one of those backpacks with the bat slots on the sides. Dude got REEEEEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYY pissed I just walked on by, and followed me calling me every name in the book. I eventually turned and told him he could knock it off, or experience my batting average for himself. I ended up having to call the police as I continued on my walk, and march him around several blocks while the police responded (the operator stayed on the line with me, and blessed me bashing him if he tried anything), because even a woman armed with a blunt object wasn’t enough to deter him…

        • Also, that happened at maybe 5 PM on a Sunday in the middle of summer – otherwise known as broad daylight – in a busy shopping center parking lot – otherwise known as a place where someone could intervene, at least to the level of getting the attention of the police officer in the store to do something.

        • That’s creepy, JoDa. I’m glad you are ok.

          What I don’t get is why guys (not all, obviously) try to turn conversations sexual. I could be talking online or texting a friend of mine and all of a sudden he will start talking about his erect penis and ask me what I would do with it. This is more than one person. Do people normally sext with their friends? I don’t know.

  2. When will these victims stop victimizing the innocent molesters and rapists wandering around minding their own business? When will all these hikers made of meat stop provoking these bear attacks? When will Syrian refugees stop taunting fighter pilots into strafing them?

    And I’m so glad Fox ‘News’ is covering this; they and their agitated elderly scared white viewers are the leaders in self-proclaimed victimization…”It’s a War On Christmas again this year, y’all!

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