10 thoughts on “No such thing as “too early”

  1. my mother gave me nothing but milk and water to drink as a baby…

    I was bullied all through high school…

    DAMN YOU SODA! where were you when i needed you???

  2. Hoax, as people said. FYI, When I studied human nutrition, the general advice was to avoid coca-cola until about 4 years of age because of the risks of upsetting the calcium/phosphate balance during the period of maximum bone growth.

  3. It may be a fake, but remember, the kids of yesteryear, were given opium, cocaine (for toothache)laudanum and let’s not forget heroin!

    I’m surprised enough kids survived all the drugs to keep the human race going!

  4. I had soda pop as a toddler, and I remember my step-dad putting a rubber baby bottle nipple on a glass Coke bottle so my little sister could have some without spilling everywhere (yes, my mom was home). The ad might be fake, but that doesn’t mean people weren’t that stupid.

    Still got bullied, though. I probably shouldn’t have switched to Tab.

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