9 thoughts on “Lamest Fight Ever

  1. The police transcript of the arrests is due to be released soon, but I have it on good authority that the arresting officers are due to be criticised for stoking Simon’s anger even further by asking him to ‘just step out the back, Jack, and make a new plan, Stan’.


    Also, a modest aside about Ms. Brickell and her one awful hit, “What I Am”. It is perhaps the worst song ever written, and I’m saying that as a man that has listened to several Butthole Surfer’s songs. “What I Am” isn’t just bad because of its crap music (which sounds like an Ewok surfer band on bad peyote) nor is it bad just because of its insipid lyrics, which truly make you dumber with each listen. No, it is the most insufferable song ever recorded because it makes shallow people feel really deep about themselves, man, even more so than 3 bong rips and 45 minutes of “Hearts of Space” on NPR. And that makes me want to punt a ferret.

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