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  1. And on top of this the answers are wrong.

    According to the actual mythology you get turned by various ways –

    By another vampire.

    Be born the 7th son of a 7th son, die, return as a vampire.

    Be born a redhead, die, return as a vampire.

    Get turned into a werewolf and be killed by something other than silver. (In the original myths werewolves could be killed by other means including drowning and old age, but they returned as vampires. So my theory since in the original myths vampires are killed by silver is silver doesn’t really kill werewolves, just prevents them from rising as vampires.)

    Die as a witch, return as a vampire.

    Be cursed.

    Commit suicide. (Judas, betrayer of Jesus Christ, not only was a redhead but also killed himself, so he could’ve returned as a vampire twice over.)

    Be murdered.

    Commit murder.

    Just generally be an evil shmuck. Die, return as a vampire.

    And not all vampires drink blood. Some get their food by causing nightmares. Others by having sex with their prey while sleeping. (I know that sounds like incubus/succubus demons but vampires do it too.)

    I went through a huge vampire obsession when I was younger and a friend of mine was hit and killed by a car. Just kind of made me obsess with immortality vs mortality. I know more than Buffy. Including multiple ways to kill or at least repel a vampire. For instance, you can keep a vampire at bay with cow poop found in a thorn bush. You can also kill a vampire by driving an iron spike through their head and into the ground so they can’t rise from their coffin and they starve to death. And if a vampire drives a gold spike through your shadow into something like a wall they have complete and total control over you – more so than just mere hypnotism. You’re basically their mindless slave so long as that spike is piercing your shadow.

    Please note that I don’t believe in vampires. I just know a lot about them. (But heck, since it turned out the Secret Dumping Ground Of Attari ET Cartridges was real who knows? Perhaps Dracula is out there waiting for my neck to be a little closer to his mouth? Well, a girl can dream.)

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