10 thoughts on “Don’t be such a martyr

    • That’s because they don’t want equality. They want special treatment. They want marriage to be their thing, not just something the filthy gays get to share. And as far as religious persecution goes, I don’t see a lot of fundie Christians standing up for the rights of Muslims.

      • Actually, I’d say the problem is that they do want equality . . . not to everyone else, but to other Christians throughout the last few centuries. They just want to be able to have the same rights they’ve always had, like establishing their religion in schools, having exclusive rights to public religious displays, being able to witness to anyone anywhere, and making sure that the laws reflect their personal beliefs.

        I mean, we’re asking them to give up all that! I’d say that it definitely counts as persecution to drag them out of their glorious palace where they’ve been lording over the rest of us for so long.

    • It always seems to stand that the more the “bad guys” push back the closer the “good guys” are to victory. You know, like, the end of the second act? Nakatomi Plaza blows up and everyone gets their comeuppance? Yeah, like that.

  1. I checked out their site and their stated mission is to protest/raise awareness for Christians in countries where Christianity is illegal. Which is a worthy goal and a very fair one.

    They lost me again at “intolerant liberal secular progressive Christophobic mob”.

    “Jesus wasn’t a wimp or a sky-fairy > He was the all-powerfull GOD-MAN. He was a radical. A Holy Renegade. He was the ultimate revolutionary.” – so why are so many of his followers conservatives?

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