17 thoughts on “WWJD?

    • Just the Irish, I think. But they were drunk at the time. Then Boris Yeltsin flew to Ireland but was too drunk to get off the plane to meet the P.M. So Ireland said “Damn” and got their shite together, and became a burgeoning tech-based economy. Then a bunch of douchebag coke-nosed Wall Street fuck nozzles had their ponzi schemes all collapse, ruining Ireland’s (and everyone else’s) economies. But now the Wall Street Crooks are now rotting in prison.
      LOL I just made up that ludicrous story!
      That last sentence, I mean.

    • Nah, it’s been a few decades since calling for the extermination of Catholics has been en vogue. Interesting to note that one of the great successes of the War on Terror was it effectively ended the IRA. They were already winding down, but then they ended up on the list with the Taliban and decided, “Let’s not test just how serious they are.”

      • One of the conditions of the UK joining the War On Terror was that The US had to crack down on its citizens sending money to the IRA, they used to just ignore it.

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