15 thoughts on “If you have to ask, you’ll never know

  1. Why am I always surprised that people are surprised that this kind of racism still exists? Where the heck do those people live that they can’t see that racism is actually on the increase, not the decrease.

    Of course, the other school being called Grand Blanc is just the irony on the court.

  2. The sad reality is, these little shits aren’t even likely racist, at least not in the sense of the historic racists of the South. These are just assholes looking for attention who’ve never cracked a history book long enough to figure out why the crap they’re spouting is so abhorrent. Put these fuckers in a ‘bad’ neighborhood and I’ll guarantee they wouldn’t dare spout this shit within earshot of someone who’d do something about it.

    Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory in all its glory here…

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