15 thoughts on “UNBALANCED LOAD

        • Somehow I fouled up the link. Well, it’s something called Synthol, which is injected by bodybuilders to artificially inflate muscles, but in the long term destroys muscle tissue, turning the muscles into masses of oil-filled cysts, pus and fat. Awesome, right?

          • Yep, that’s the stuff. Imagine what would happen if he dropped a weight on one arm…and the resulting unrecognizable goo that would turn the gym into a Superfund site..

          • Well, Muffin, considering there’s a woman out there who loves to chew on dirty diapers and she actually is engaged to be married – there actually might be a lady – or man – out there just dying to do that for him.

          • Yep, you are right Jamie, I bet there is too. Maybe she is engaged to this horror show?

            (Diaperwoman made me want to vomit! I am SO glad the only addiction I have is chocolate and not from a diaper either)

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