4 thoughts on “Every generation believes this is true

  1. I live in Australia and this was one of the placards in one of the largest political rally for a show of no confidence in our present government. The fucktard PM was quoted as saying that “the only large gathering of people I know of today in Sydney is the St Patty’s day parade!” (Yes, he said ‘Patty’) Somehow he missed the 100,000 people telling him he is a useless assclown! And that was in just one city!

    The 16th was March in March day to tell the government we really want their asses GONE! Every capital city had a demonstration that day, also a lot of smaller cities too. Main stream media is controlled by Fairfax, so no footage or mention of the HUGE protest could be seen on ANY news station except for one – publicly owned (for now) ABC News who showed footage and actually acknowledged the march. Murdoch can’t control ABC, unlike all the other stations here (he also controls the majority of newspapers too, so it was a blanket effort to ignore the march)

    Another banner said it simply too – RESIGN DICKHEAD!

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