17 thoughts on “I’ll have 5 boxes of Do-si-dos, please

  1. Here’s the interesting thing, you can actually choose not to buy the cookies or enroll your daughter if you disagree with the goals of the Girl Scouts. Not totally sure on the cookie part though, those little fuckers are more relentless than a telemarketer…

  2. If Girl Scout cookies funded the utter genocide of North American caucasion children 99% of people would still buy them and sleep like babies at night as the Black Girl Scout Helicopters came for their little tykes named Debbie and Hunter. They are crack for the human cake-hole.

  3. We don’t have them here in Australia, but if we did, I would be buying those cookies and enrolling both my daughters in the Girl Scouts! Sounds to me, they are doing a great job!

  4. Yep, letting transgenders into the GS is considered “child abuse” by the anti-LGBT crowd… (prob cuz they’re paranoid of the hypothetical day a boy poses as a girl just to molest them)

    All this is just icing on the cake to those whackos, since they’ve considered GS to be full of feminist-commie lesbos who’re out to turn your kids into prostitutes or something for a while now: XD


    • I dunno. If it’s anything like the knowledge displayed by some of these kids who learn “good” and “information based” sex ed in schools, they aren’t going out much better armed than by saying nothing. Frankly the best scared straight for young girls is Teen Mom. Does a great job of dispelling the myths about rearing a child as a teen.

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