13 thoughts on “Remember how fun that was?

  1. The documentary Blazing Saddles was a far more accurate representation of slavery in the South and would have won an Oscar if people had taken it more seriously as a period-accurate re-enactment of historical events and not assumed it was just a comedy.

  2. I agree with this article and I too condemn Mr. McQueen’s “blackwashing” of our nation’s proud history of benign enslavement of unwilling agricultural workers.

    Anyone knows human slavery in the deep south was a good time to be had by all.

    Does the man in this actual un-retouched Polaroid photograph from 1845 LOOK like an unhappy piece of property to YOU?

    I rest my case. Liberal Haters.

  3. Yeah, never mind that the movie was an adaptation of an actual person’s memoirs. But no, we should falsify his particular account just because there might have been a slave who did not experience exactly *abject* suffering.

  4. “appalled readers”

    When you’ve appalled readers of a right-wing conservative magazine by how racist and ignorant your statements are, you might just have gone a leetle too far.

  5. Hmm, funny, I’d never noticed the “happy” slaves this moron speaks of, because there really wasn’t much for them to happy about. What an ignorant, red-necked yokel!

  6. Im more worried how all slavery information is regarding Black slaves when the slaves who suffered the worst conditions/punishments and did the harder/dangerous jobs were White Irish slaves due to them being 10 times cheaper than Black slaves. Slavery was Classist not Racist!

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