5 thoughts on “Don’t say anything bad about the pancakes, please

  1. I’m an overweight Nova Scotian adult, so those pancakes are relevant to my interests. However I’ve been eating healthy and exercising since January and am sliding closer to ‘not overweight’ every week, so maybe I’ll need to change provinces soon.

  2. Nova Scotia’s gonna have to put in overtime to knock South MS and New Orleans of the top of the heap. Down here those pancakes would be served up Elvis-style with peanut butter, bananas and honey. Son.

        • Ain’t nothing wrong with a real mint julep. However, if in NOLA, you should order a Sazerac – America’s first cocktail, circa 1838. You’ll know it’s real if they use Sazerac Rye Whiskey. You’ll know it’s authentic if they use a dash of real, and illegal, absinthe. Real or mimic, absinthe tastes like the inside of a battery, so it really don’t matter none.

          It’s just too damn hot down here to give a shit about health and wellness; death is blessed release from the humidity. No cares.

          Except food, air conditioning and languid New Orleans Ladies as they sashay on by.

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