10 thoughts on “99% effective

  1. I was gonna guess she was using them to create heat and seam and that the braids were being treated…but if I tent my hair I just use saran wrap and wrap it all.

    But maybe she had to go out and thought the individual prophylactics presented a more public, neat appearance?

    Maybe Grandma has just gone crazy.

    • I’m not mad at her for having enough hair to make Bantu knots – but this just plain ain’t necessary! The person who did this should have his/her birth immediately revoked.

      • Maybe where she lives, condoms have more uses than we know about. So should we follow her example? I do believe that that is a personal choice. But she is rockin’ those condoms either way!

  2. Maybe she was told they’d work better this way? Who knows? She should have gone for the coloured ones, for a little oomph.

    I was going to go for a dickhead joke, but sheelcg beat me to it. Well played my friend, well played indeed ;)

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