11 thoughts on “Could you be a little more stereotypical next time?

    • Eh, there’s religious vegans too. Even though most people who believe in God believe that He/She ordered humans to start eating meat after the flood cause the earth could no longer produce fruits and veggies that can give us all our nutritional needs.

      • Oh, and then there’s those who believe God ordered us to eat meat because we’re so bloodthirsty and the thought was if we kill animals we won’t kill each other. But put the Kosher laws in place to make meat eating so hard we’ll eventually go vegetarian because it’s easier.

        • I don’t know who told you that’s what Kosher food laws are for, but I’m guessing they’re not Jewish. Or if they are, they’re one of those vegan assholes trying to convert you. I could get into a long discussion of what they ARE for, but I’m here for humor, not debate.

  1. Seriously, where can I get a sticker to put on my hybrid (with the Santa Cruz sticker and the pretentious Liberal Arts women’s college license plate frame) that says, simply: “Don’t look at me that way. I only drive this because I’m cheap.”

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