3 thoughts on “Nothing random about it

  1. Trust me, they do white people too. My mom, who’s 72 and in a wheelchair, was searched by the TSA and she said it was very much like a sexual assault. They grabbed her between the legs, manhandled her breasts, yanked her around in her chair, and did everything short of stripping her in public and raping her.

    She had cut the wrist strap off her cane (she can walk short distances) because it was bothering her, leaving just the place where it used to be tied. They kept asking her how to open up her cane, pulling on this section where the strap used to be. They came close to cutting the damn thing open. (Which is something that did sort of happen years ago when we went to the UK and visited Ireland as well as England. In England they cut off the rubber tip of her cane when we came back from Ireland to try and see inside.)

    The damn TSA is nothing but a bunch of power mad perverts who like to molest children, old women, and anyone who’s skin color is different from their’s.

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