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  1. Argh! Leggings aren’t pants! They’re meant to be worn under a skirt or your regular pants! Sorry, this just really pisses me off… doesn’t she have a friend to say “Hey girl, I can see your undies, put some pants on.”?

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      • Actually, I see this quite a bit here in the big city (though not usually to this extent…it’s usually that their shirt is just a *little* too short). The only conclusion I’ve been able to draw is that it’s poorer teens trying to be on-trend. A pair of pantyhose can cost as little as a dollar, while real leggings are much, much more expensive. I don’t condone it, but I’ve tried to understand it, as much as I also want to scream “PUT ON SOME DAMN PANTS!” I’ve also dropped some (new) real leggings and longer t-shirts with charities, in the hopes that they’ll make it to the teens who would do this and save me from seeing their crotch.

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  2. Saddest part is this is done intentionally. This is why some schools have decided to ban leggings; there’s always someone who has to go to far (or in this case, not far enough- into a dark pit, perhaps?).

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