11 thoughts on “You’ve been warned

  1. It’s “So True” that she eats soiled diapers? I’m going to interpret the 184 responses as just being literalists (or maybe trolls), because I’m not prepared to live in a world where the number of people who eat soiled diapers is triple digits.

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  2. My guess is “SO TRUE!” refers to the phrase, “…the Most Disgusting Ever.”

    If you’re an attention whore with no shame, fill a diaper with chocolate pudding and suck on it in public. Or, if you prefer Newborn Cuisine, the innards of a Cadbury Creme Egg. Mmmmm.

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  3. I did a few quick calculations: 25000 diapers in 3 years is roughly one every 40 minutes of her waking life. That’s not impossible, but seems way more likely that she’s just lying to get attention.

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