6 thoughts on “Just a quick FYI-

  1. So the way to protect poor innocent children from the terrible influence of a loving family (I assume, anyway; I don’t watch the show) is to threaten a 5-year-old over a script she didn’t write and had no say in.

    Yes, that makes perfect sense.

  2. Yes, terrible that Disney made the sudden switch to being politically correct in the past 12 months. If you don’t want your kids exposed to these kinds of things on TV (which should totally help them deal with situations in real life), then simply block the Disney channel from your TV. Why is this so hard?

  3. My kids watch a lot of Disney. When Raven “came out” and people were freaking out, Disney suddenly started playing crazy amounts of Raven movies. It was hilarious. I hope they play this episode 30 times a week.

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