Ehhh, it’s a living.

The story is as follows: during the boring Super Bowl there was a commercial for Coca-Cola. In this commercial there were various people and families singing “America the Beautiful.” That sounds lovely, so what’s the problem? Well, some of the people in the commercial were singing in a language other than English. You know what came next. At this point legions of xenophobic whackjobs took to Twitter to express their jingoistic racism in (hilariously mangled) English. The irony of whiny losers complaining that English isn’t being spoken —while failing to properly communicate in English– was certainly lost on many.

Which brings us to @hskinner here, and her hard-working Grandpa. Best Typo Ever. The poor narrow-minded dear. All she ever wanted to do was express her contempt for other people and their filthy foreign languages, and now she’s gone viral thanks to an inability to spellcheck.

Let’s hear what the Twitter’s biggest troll has to say-

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22 thoughts on “Ehhh, it’s a living.

  1. So I know about “Rule 34” of the Internet…but I don’t know the rest. Does anyone have the FULL list? I need to confirm my suspicion that Rule #1 must be “On The Internet, the Dumbest shall speak The Loudest”.

  2. This is off-topic, but I’ve learnt the hard way that complaining about spelling or grammar on the Internet makes you a “neckbeard”. Being one is apparently the worst thing it is possible to be on the Internet and you have to commit seppuku or something.

    • So many Americans toiled for Come these many decades, and now they lay broken and forced to do demeaning things for money, such as Ron Jeremy aping Miley Cyrus…Oh the shame.

      “You spray 16 tongues and what’d ya get?
      Under-leg odor and some silicone tits;
      Sore Peter, now it’s burnin’ and I can’t go;
      I owe my soul to Brazzer’s Video…”

      – Tennessee Ernie MuleDick

  3. Apparently @hskinner is closed, cancelled, gone, but a different Heather Skinner with the same picture is a “Search and Social Media Marketing” person. At AARP.

    Not that I want to “grief” her or whatever the kids call it these days. I just want to point and laugh. So if I’m over the line, sorry, gang, but apparently you can be a “marketing expert” and still be an idiot.

      • Between this and Oancitizen using a jar of mayonnaise as a comedy censor bar on his videos I will never be able to look at a jar of the stuff without feeling like vomiting ever again.

    • Well, I suppose that would depend on a multitude of factors. Is it their own or someone else’s? If it’s someone else’s how many someone else’s?

      Saying it’s their own I understand there’s a teaspoon of ejaculate every time a man orgasms. So you’d have to figure how how many times a day on average a healthy man can ejaculate and how long a period between he needs to wait. Then the span of the typical American work day and how many times in that period he can come. Subtracting for things like lunch and other legally required breaks.

      Next you have to figure the days he might have off, should he not be one of those poor souls who have to work seven days a week. I don’t believe factories close for most weekends and holidays, but I’m sure that they have various days off so someone might work Saturday through Wednesday and have Thursday and Friday off.

      Sick days are too hard to plan for so just pretend grandpa never got sick. But account for the fact that as he got older the number of times he could come started to diminish and figure that in.

      All this I’ll leave to a porn writer who majored in mathematics and minored in medicine.

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