13 thoughts on “The Elephant In The Room

  1. Also, Michael Jackson called. He wants his high-waters back. And his life to do over again.



    What year is it?

    You all said “2014″ of course.

    And how did you pronounce it in your heads?

    “Two Thousand Fourteen.”

    But when you watch a sci-fi movie such as “Oblivion”, they say “2077″, as in “Twenty-Seventy Seven”.
    That’s because we’re just emerging from the aught years, such as “2001″, i.e. “Two Thousand and One”.

    Much as olde farts our age say “roll up</b. the car window” or “let’s tape the Superbowl”.


  2. Wait, redneck girl reminded me of something: There’s a joke in here about Bradley Cooper doing “The Elephant Man” on Broadway… But I can’t find it. :(

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