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  1. It’s times like this that I can’t believe that Christianity sprouted from Judaism. Because Rabbis outlawed spousal rape many, many centuries ago. Sex is 100% up to the wife and if she says “No” – tough luck.

    Not that there aren’t Jewish men who rape their wives. Assholes are in every belief system. I’ve known atheists who think it’s okay for husbands to rape their wives.

    But still, you’d think Christianity would’ve held onto that much at least. If they’re right and Jesus returns he’s going to be super pissed at what happens in his name.

    • In most states, there is a limit on the number of weeks into a pregnancy you are legally allowed to terminate, usually just before, or approximately at the point of so-called viability (unless there is some issue with the mothers life being threatened). There is no scientifically objective definition of personhood, as no one really knows at what point someone ‘becomes’ a person.

      That said, please explain to me why a woman should not be allowed to have a right to privacy, bodily autonomy and control over her own medical decisions?

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