17 thoughts on “Oooh, a little trouble in Paradise

    • “…Russell recalled Lawrence, 23, saying while filming the crime drama.”

      Pretty simple to understand. But if you need it in even simpler terms: David O. Russell said that Jennifer Lawrence said that she wanted to kiss Batman instead of Fatman.

  1. We’re talking about someone who has no apparent filter and has a butt plug collection. Can we really be surprised? IF she really said that. It’s Russell “recalling” it – he could’ve made it all up because he’s one of those guys who likes to fat shame people and doesn’t like the fact Jennifer doesn’t approve of fat shaming.

  2. I’m not convinced she actually said that. That said, her quote here says it’s not ok to say it on tv. In private, which according to the anecdote looks like what happened, it’s not going to have any effect on the “younger generations”.

      • Are they? She didn’t say it on tv, or in public. Are we all to be held accountable for every snarky comment we make in a private discussion?

        If she did say it, it’s a learning experience for her, but I don’t think it takes much “mental gymnastics” to give her the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully she’ll apologise to Bale, and move on.

        • Not to mention the article clearly states he gained a bunch of weight for the roll. Whatever was said was clearly said in the context of someone acting with a guy whose known for a toned physique, but in the movie she gets to kiss him in, he’s put on significant weight and is partially bald (through whatever manipulation that entailed).

          Also,I certainly hope no one judges me based on what others say I said. I’ve been known to misquote someone myself. And my ex was viscous in his attempts to make me a horrible person.

        • I don’t want her to apologize to Bale. There’s already too much apologizing going on in this hypersensitive, easily-offended culture of ours.
          I just think the whole thing’s silly, particularly the part about making it illegal to say the word “fat.”

          • I don’t know, Bronc. I think it might be nice to make it illegal to call skinny girls fat. People have called Jennifer fat, after all, and she has a figure most really fat girls would kill for. I’ve seen guys who call any woman who’s larger than a B-cup fat even if they have a flat belly, narrow hips, and a tiny butt. And I’ve seen skinny girls call themselves fat because they weigh one to five pounds more than they think they should, yet if they lost even a half a pound they’d look like walking skeletons.

            I’m fat and I make no bones about it. I deserve to be called fat because I’m 5′ 3″ and 250 pounds. (Considering I used to weigh 295 though….) I hate it when people try to tell me I’m “not fat, just fluffy” or “queen size” or “a diva” – whatever. I’m fat and that’s that.

            But when you’ve got a guy or a gal calling a woman who happens to weigh 120 instead of 110 fat or even “obese” – that should be illegal.

          • Really Bronc? She’s clearly not making a case for making the word fat illegal. She’s saying it should be regulated *on tv* (and in movies) the same way that cigarettes, sex, and violence are because the constant overuse of the word fat toward women like her who aren’t even close to fat is harmful to the younger generation. It’s not a case of being “hypersensitive” or “easily offended”

      • There’s no mental gymnastics required here. You’re comparing a statement she made about not fat-shaming people on TV with a statement she allegedly made to someone in private that was not intended to be repeated publicly and was not intended to shame anyone.

        The only mental gymnastics are in that comparison.

        And we don’t even know if she actually made the that comment about Bale. But that never stopped anyone from using something like this to sell papers or generate clicks.

  3. How is this a double standard? Because she’s a woman calling someone fat and it’s somehow more ok? To me it’s just her being a hypocrite.

    I really don’t see the fuss over this chick anyway. She’s a terrible actress.

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