16 thoughts on “It’s a beautiful morning

  1. There’s the deal about human males; if this were a sex fetish site, there’d still be 12,374 dedicated subscribers.

    Females don’t have fetishes. Just No-Fly-Zones.

    And over the years I’ve been shot down like an English blimp over German soil.

    Medical FACT.

  2. Okay, I’m not as creative as the others, but here’s my contribution.

    It also serves as a cerebration for National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

    Actually, Minnie likes wearing clothing. She will refuse to leave the house unless dressed. (Locks her knees and will not move.) And once in hot weather I tried to make her sleep without her PJs. She would not let me go to sleep until I put a t-shirt on her. Seeing how she used to be a breeder in a puppy mill (3 1/2 pounds when rescued) I figure she deserves to enjoy her life as much as possible to make up for her miserable youth.

      • She probably does but – unless it’s for sleeping, Minnie doesn’t like shirts. She likes dresses, especially ones with ruffles and “bling.” She even has favorites and her personality will be different in them. There’s certain ones she’ll actually strut and be almost flirty while wearing. Back when she could see better she’d even pick out ones in the store. A dress would catch her eye and she would stare at it as if in a trance and as soon as I’d pick it up she’d wag her tail super fast. Especially if it had both bling and ruffles. She’s a diva!

        She’s made a LOT of strides since I first brought her home. Having spent the first 11 years of her life in a cage outside in the desert sun, she was like a wild animal at first. Running around, unable to sleep because of the unaccustomed freedom. She was afraid of men and would sneak up behind my dad and bark at him then run away. She would only want to be with me and no one else. She had no idea how to walk on grass – just stood there like a statue.

        Now if my dad’s around she’ll go up to him for head scratches and mope if he doesn’t oblige. She begs for food (chicken, cheese, and carrots are her favorites). She walks happily on grass. And this Christmas actually willingly sat in someone else’s lap – twice! Normally if I’m in the room she only wants to be with me, no one else.

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