7 thoughts on “CAPTION THIS

  1. Bieber fans are perma-stupid, so they’re disqualified. Juggalos will all be dead or in prison. However the horny soccer moms, who burned the last of their dwindling sexual kindling badger-scratching to bad text porn about mild S&M, will look back on their now-cooled libidos, shaking their heads in consternation, and snapping at their rutting liver-spotted old husbands to get their pill-engorged schwantzes out of their gelatinous butt cracks during said husband’s third pathetic attempt that week to hint for sexy-time by prong-spooning.


    Hell I don’t know.

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  2. The 50 Shades books may be exceedingly poorly-written, but at least people aren’t being so uptight about light bondage now. Justin Bieber fans now are like Backstreet Boys fans back in the day (though, to be fair, a part of me *still* likes the BSB :) And as far as I know, they weren’t incurable douches). Unless either fanbase has photographic evidence of their psychotic devotion (or, tattoos or clown-face-paint weddings), I’d say the Juggalos have this one down.

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  3. The only thing they can be convicted of is public stupidity and self-inflicted humiliation. And if those are ever put on the books as criminal activity, there will never be enough jails.

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