The More You Ignore Me, The Crazier I Get

I may have to turn this into a weekly feature: “What Insanely Idiotic Thing Did Morrissey Say This Week?”

When you’ve even lost the backing of Salon -the homebase for liberal outrage porn- that’s when you’ve really gone off the rails. Morrissey is off the rails, over the cliff, and the car exploded halfway down. And in the process he’s come up with something even worse than Godwin’s Law. Do we call it Morrissey’s Law? It’s when you invoke not just Nazis but also pedophilia in your internet argument. Ehhh, still a working title.

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23 thoughts on “The More You Ignore Me, The Crazier I Get

  1. Keep ignoring him! Maybe he will manage to say something so ridiculously stupid that his own brain will finally say, “to hell with it, I’m outta this crazy madhouse,” before jumping out of his head and running into traffic in an attempt to commit suicide.

  2. Er, wasn’t Hitler vegetarian? Apparently it’s possible to support Auschwitz without eating meat. I’d say argument fail, but honestly, that argument failed well before he Godwinned himself.

    • Yep. Hitler believed meat was murder and that Jews, Christians, homosexuals, Gypsies and the physically and/or mentally disabled were evolutionary inferior and therefore okay to kill.

      Obviously Moronsy forgot his history lessons. Anyone feel like kidnapping him, binding & gagging him, and forcing him to watch a bunch of documentaries about Hitler? And Holocaust testimonies, of course.

      Then we can make him watch video interviews with people willing to talk about being victims of monsters who should just do the world a favor and kill themselves.

      • Um hello, you are the moron. Hitler did not believe in animal rights, he did not believe meat was murder..are you just making this shit up? Hitler experimented with adopting a vegan lifestyle because he believed it was healthier for him, period.

      • Actually, I can’t find where it is established historically that Hitler was indeed a vegetarian, as he was reported to have enjoyed sausages during the same time period people are claiming he was vegetarian. It has also been reported that Hitler tested cyanide capsules intended for him on his supposedly beloved golden retriever.

        That said, in my opinion, Morrisey sounds a lot more like Hitler in his fervent rhetoric than does some backyard schmo grilling brats.

  3. “I support vegetarianism because I feel that all animals deserve the opportunity to live a life of misery and disappointment while plants are pure evil every last one of them deserves the death penalty. I mow my lawn almost daily while shouting, ‘that’s what you deserve, you demonic hellspawn!’ at the grass. I take care not to kill any bugs or rabbits in the process but I do torture them if they look too happy.”

  4. Wait, you’re all missing the good news here! He refuses to associate with people who eat animals. We finally have a way to get rid of him. All everyone has to do is walk up to him and say, “I eat animals.” until he becomes a fucking hermit! Victory is in sight!

    • Yeah, why can’t he hear their cries? Doesn’t he understand that every time he takes a forkful of salad made from baby greens, he’s taking an unsuspecting life for his own selfish survival!!!??

      Choose life for the innocent arugula, Moronesy – and just starve to death. Hopefully your currently worthless carcass will provide nutrients to the soil, but I doubt it.

  5. McDonald’s chief spokesman Heinrich Hamburglar did not have an immediate comment, although he did promise a strongly worded rebuttal as soon as anyone have a shit about Morrissey’s opinions.

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