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  1. Considering I notice most “green” stuff is actually not green in the long term I wonder how “eco friendly” those cars actually are.

    Think about it – I haven’t seen a low flow toilet yet where you don’t have to flush up to ten times to get waste down when a regular toilet only took one flush, meaning you waste a lot more water with a low flow than a regular.

    Those “green” lightbulbs often have chemicals in them that require you evacuate for 20 minutes if one breaks and I’ve heard of people getting mercury poisoning from them. When they burn out they go to landfills which will poison the ground water. Meaning the old fashion and now illegal lightbulbs are greener in the long term.

    So for all we know those “eco friendly” cars could end up killing the environment faster than if everyone drove a HumVee.

    • Oh come on, you are creative enough to not just trot out the old “well I know these things don’t work (even though I have probably never tried them and did zero research)” claptrap.

      Here’s a place to start: http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/green-science/cfl-mercury.htm

      Also, the easiest and most plentiful place to properly dispose of a CFL is any Home Depot. They also sell them, so two birds could be killed with one stone. Though that’s not much of an issue since mine last 4-10 years depending on how much they’re used and what kind they are (CFLs do not make great sense in enclosed canisters, since the heat kills them quickly, usually in about 3 years). But, even then, CFL’s won’t even be an issue in a few years, as LEDs are the way of the future. Considering that the price on LEDs (at least the kind my homeowner’s association wanted to buy) has dropped over 75% in just 2 years, CFLs will go the way of the Dodo before they ever become as popular as incandescents were.

  2. I’d assume that pickup truck is probably a Diesel, it could have been running Biodiesel for all the Ecodouche knew, the “eco-friendly” car on the otherhand has batteries which are most likely Nickel Metal-Hydride which can only be recharged 1000 times before they are junk, they mine the earth for what’s in those batteries & they are extremely toxic to produce & to dispose of. Possibly the batteries are lithium based in which case they have a useable life span of about 10-15 years for normal city driving but they are still hazardous & when the time come to replace them they’ll cost nearly the full price of the car to replace the batteries(although presumably the price will have come down by the time anyone had to replace them).

  3. I’m not convinced that this isn’t some weirdly staged photo to get some sort of backlash going against tree hugging, bug f’ing environmentalists, but did anybody notice that “enviroment” is misspelled?

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