No way. You mean to tell me that a guy who looks like this-

is actually an ignorant jackass? It’s not just a clever persona he’s adopted?

Anyway, the frightening takeaway from the article is not that this ridiculous swamp-dwelling redneck has views that make him sound like a caveman, it’s that he has people standing with him in solidarity. The comment thread on this particular post might be the most depressing thing I’ve ever attempted to read, and I’ve actually read “Beloved.”

This comment was especially chilling:

Amazing. People get pretty ugly when they’ve got anonymous screen names to hide behind.

Hey, at least I learned a new word today: “GAYstapo”
It’s like Godwin’s Law doesn’t even exist for these doofuses.

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56 thoughts on “FEAR THE BEARD

  1. What you find on comment boards is one thing… but the way he worded his views may lose him fans who otherwise agree. Definitely NOT the way church folk are expected to talk, even if they’re scruffy, woodsy, rednecky people.

    • No one is challenging his rights to free speech. However, publicly stating your opinions opens you up to criticism by people who also have their rights to free speech. This isn’t a matter of free speech.

      • Yeah, it kind of is. When large groups of people want to chastise someone for saying what they believe, causing him to lose his livelihood, that’s wrong. If a gay person publically stated their belief in that lifestyle and a bunch of anti-gay people caused him/her to lose their job, I don’t think the gay community would take that lightly. So it just goes back to who can cry the loudest forcing others to keep their opinions to themselves.

        • Just as a FYI, LGB folks can be legally fired or evicted from their home for being gay in about 29 states, 34 for transgender individuals.

          What the Duck Dynasty guy said is in direct conflict with the values of A&E who hosts the program. A&E supports the LGBT community (and without a doubt has LGBT employees as well), for that reason, they took actions to defend the values of the company.

          • Not all Christians are as bigoted and hate-filled as Phil Robertson. One might argue that true Christians would be the exact opposite. Jesus being the God of peace and love, after all.
            But then, Jesus would be ashamed of what many of His followers do in His name these days. So many Christians just use the religion to justify their preexisting prejudices. The part about loving thy neighbor takes a permanent backseat to the part about saying gays are going to burn in a lake of fire for eternity.

    • “Free speech” means the government isn’t allowed to stop you from saying what you want. It doesn’t mean if you say something ass-hatty, people can’t call you an ass-hat.

      • And if you stated that you like sirloin and all of your vegan friends called you a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, fore-fleshing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, d!@kless, hopeless, heartless, fat-@ss, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey s@!t, you’d be okay with that?

    • Free speech doesn’t mean free from consequences. He can say whatever the heck he wants but he has to face the consequences of his idiot statements, just like everyone else.

  2. Meh, he didn’t picket anybody’s funeral or anything. He answered a question asked by an interviewer, it appears. He listed things he found sinful to HIS religion, and homosexuality was on there. I give him a point or two for not holding a double standard and being ok with heterosexual people sleeping around.

  3. “You mean to tell me that a guy who looks like this- is actually an ignorant jackass?” Please don’t judge people by the way they look. While on the scale of persecution it’s pretty low, I still e.g. had to cut my ponytail to be employable as a vet. This idea that men must be clean-shaven short-back-and-sides to be acceptable is long past its sell-by-date.

  4. My concern had to do with his belief that black people were happy as slaves, equating us with poor white trash, and blaming the ills of welfare on us. But then again, our 15 minutes is up, and the rights of the LGBT community is the current cause du jour.

      • It’s similar to the ludicrous belief that’s popped up here in SA: Apartheid was good for black people, it was evil, violent, terrorist, Communists like Nelson Mandela that convinced them otherwise. They liked the not being able to walk around in areas without a piece of paper from a white person saying so, they liked having their homes demolished without compensation, they also liked being detained, beaten, and sometimes slipping-on-the-shower-and-falling-out-of-the-window-accidentally-to-their-death when they (or indeed anyone) said something that could be construed as anti-state, which they would never do because they loved it so much. Oh, sorry, I seemed to have gotten derailed… Where were we?

        • Yes, I have noticed that there are a number of people out there on the internet aethers who claim to believe that apartheid was good for black people. I never even realized that was a thing.

      • True. I have family from Louisiana who owned slaves, and after slavery was abolished, they became what sounds to me sort of like maids and butlers. I can’t remember now what they called them. They claim that when the slaves were freed, theirs loved them so much that they refused to leave, because they treated them like family. Now, in my younger days, I bought that line easily, however, in the much more cynical stage of life that I am now in, I have to say it sounds like a load of horseshit.

        • It’s part and parcel of the American myth that people choose their circumstances. I mean, if a completely uneducated person with no material assets didn’t want to be a maid or butler to the person who worked them without pay and fed them table scraps, they’d just go be a doctor, AMIRITE? You see the same thing today with “well, if people don’t like working for minimum wage, they should just get a better job!”

          I don’t remember the name of it, but I played a computer game in elementary school where you were an escaped slave and had to try to navigate the underground railroad to safety. Even my young brain was struck by the scenes where it would say: “You see a sign, it says FE37R4 AFI9 *T&*SBF”…because you were ILLITERATE. Also, I was always captured. Perhaps, like Oregon Trail, it gets easier with age and experience (I played OT (the original) a few years ago as an adult…I had no trouble making it to Oregon), but it really made a good point.

          • Inspired, I looked it up. The release date was listed as 1993, which puts me squarely in junior high, and I KNOW my junior high had IBMs (it was an Apple game). Weird. But I KNOW I remember that game… Maybe I played it at the library, which still had Apples…

  5. I registered just to say this… You playing the whole “someone who looks like this is homophobic” color me surprised card is just as bad as what he did. The only difference is he said what he did based on his personal religious beliefs where you said it based on being a jackass. Judging someone based on how they look is horrible! What he said was horribly ignorant but it’s grounded in his religion. Doesn’t excuse how he said it but at least we can try to understand the basis of why. It’s hideously funny when people call out others on their bad behavior and then display said behavior. Way to go.

  6. Okay just as bad may have been a stretch, but it pissed me off no less that he was poked fun of for how he looked rather than for what he said. I don’t believe he said black people enjoyed life under slavery but his comments were equally as ignorant. I think he didn’t stop to think that, hey most of the black people working besides him probably still realized that even society equated poor white trash to be better than them and just didn’t complain while he was around. But he was just saying what he saw from his experience not negating that racism and injustice never happened. It was a completely dumb thing to say given all everyone should know about that time period but it’s not especially shocking coming from someone in his generation just extremely disappointing. Even so stupidity doesn’t excuse what he said or how it came across.
    Similarly, making fun of someone’s appearance and judging them because of it comes across as stupid. Judge him for his words not how he looks.

    • Technically he was referring to Jim Crow era, not Slavery era. Unless he’s 200 years old I don’t think he know what black folks were thinking back in the 1860s.

      So you’ve really never judged another person’s appearance, ever? Never thought someone just looked stupid or mean, or anything, without first interviewing them to see what their personality’s really like? I guess it’s possible, but that sounds unlikely.

    • It should have dawned on him that a lack of complaint might also be due to the fact, that no matter how poor or trashy he was, that being white meant he was allowed all kinds of rights denied to his fellow workers…..such as voting, drinking at the same fountain, eating at the same counter, using the same toilet, or being allowed to live if you disagreed. You smiled and sang and said NOTHING to any white person if you wanted to survive, NOT because you were happy with the way things were.

      • Yeah, I suppose it would never occur to this duck fellow that maybe, just maybe, his black coworkers did not confide their true feelings about segregation and Jim Crow laws to a strange white man because black people who spoke up to strange white men before the civil rights era were frequently murdered.

    • His scope is limited. And always remember that when you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. He made racist and homophobic statements, and bullshit based on religion still stinks.

  7. These pretend-rubes have been laughing their asses to the bank for years now. They learned from Honey Boo Boo; the only cultural group it’s still safe to mock and laugh at with impunity is poor white trash southerners (and to be fair they usually friggin’ ask for it with the stubborn willfully ignorant attitudes too often chosen…). So these educated perfectly intelligent dudes grew out their beards and began their “swamp-folk” hawt diggity dayum good-ol-boys act. It’s the greatest of ironies: The modern version of minstrel black face has become a hairy white face. And ‘Murica has made these modern vaudevillians quite rich. So I wouldn’t feel too damn bad for him. I believe he knew EXACTLY what the blow-back would be, and decided it was time to cash in and get off the circus train.

  8. There is so much ironic hypocrisy in slamming someone for making alleged small minded judgmental comments when the first point you make is taking a photo of a guy and saying that he’s a typical redneck. The frightening takeaway is that the only people offended by Robertson’s comments are the ones who didn’t read the whole interview, just select portions of it. When you cherry pick statements from anyone, it’s easy to spin them as a racist, sexist, or homophobe.

    Less politics, more actual humor please.

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