18 thoughts on “The War on Christmas™ Just Got Real

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    • I refuse to say Merry Christmas and instead go with say Happy Holidays because it covers more than just Christmas–it’s whatever the recipient celebrates, from Hanukkah to New Years to Kwanzaa to Christmas to all of the above (hence the plural). Face it, New Years pretty well guarantees that most people celebrate at least two mix-and-match holidays every winter.

      Also I’m not Christian, so it seems skeevy and disingenuous to me to be wishing people something I have no part in other than enjoying giving my family nice presents at a handily predetermined time of year. Do people really want me to falsely imply I worship their God? Probably some kind of faux pas, there.

      I dislike being *wished* a Merry Christmas because, well, it’s not something I connect with, but I certainly wouldn’t smack someone for it.

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      • New Year is in summer around here, as is Christmas so we don’t celebrate any kind of mix and match holiday in the winter. Having said that, I’m not a Christian either but I don’t have a problem at all with someone wishing me a “Merry Christmas”. It’s their way of saying – hey there, have a good time, wishing you a nice day. Why should I, or anyone, be offended by that?

        I don’t like the expression “Happy Holidays” because to me, it’s a very American expression. Nobody said that around these parts 30 years ago, or even 20 years ago. “Season’s Greetings” was the standard if you didn’t want to say “Happy Christmas” or “Merry Christmas” and I much prefer “Season’s Greetings” to “Happy Holidays”.

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    • I think that reacting badly, or being offended when someone wishes you something nice means that you’re the one with the problem, and you’ve missed the entire point of something said with a smile, a nod and good cheer.

      BTW…I’m Pagan, so my “go to” is “Have a Cool Yule!”

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      • Most so-called Christian holidays are based on pagan dates anyway, so no matter what, it works out.

        (On a totally unrelated note, it would be a truly Cool Yule if your avatar were a gif, voice and all)

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    • So which part was the down thumbs for? The refusal to say “Happy Holidays” or the Jesus part or the traditional family get together? Well, MY family at any rate.

      Anyway, Christmas is just another day to me, I became the Grinch/Scrooge years ago.
      So Happy Whatever Floats Your Boat, I meant no offence to anyone.


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      • And no, I don’t slap people for wishing me either “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” or whatever. Doing that to someone is so wrong and so rude!

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  2. So did that passage about turning the other cheek get mistranslated to, if someone offers you good wishes, you should punch them for not offering you the right *kind* of good wishes?


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  3. I completely disregard the format of the well wishing, and go straight to the intent. For me, the wording is immaterial, someone is wishing me well, and that’s enough for me.

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  4. Growing up, I always thought ‘Happy Holidays’ was said because it encompassed Christmas, New Years, Hannukah, and all the others. I never looked at it (and still don’t) as saying it to be politically correct, I look at it as covering everything under a blanket of things that go on in December. Hell, my birthday is the 30th, you wish me a Happy Holidays and I’m going to mentally tack my birthday in there and it makes me smile :P

    Where I live, we’re encouraged to say Merry Christmas, because almost everyone is Christian (though most not practicing, I’d say). I’m an atheist and I love Christmas. If you say Merry Christmas to me, I’ll gladly say it back (as I sport a Santa hat and Christmas tree earrings). And people will just assume I’m good little Christian girl. When really, I like Christmas for the togetherness, the kindness, the food, the movies, the music, and so on. The religious aspect means nothing to me.

    I don’t see why people get so honest-to-goodness-down-to-their-blood-and-bones offended when you’re trying to be positive and include everyone (or, even just include Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day). It drives me bonkers to see how insane people get about it.

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  5. Some people, mainly uptight conservative crackers, just want something to screech about. Loosen yer tampon, Sis; she tried to say something nice to you.

    Having said that, I usually play it safe and say this:

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