13 thoughts on “The votes are in:

    • No dog collars. No black lipstick. No wondering if they’re male or female. No tattoos on their necks. And their shoes are tied! Oh, and no ankle monitors, that’s a plus. Granted, you could see that shirt from Mars, and those pants look like the dog puked on them, but still…

    • I was going to say the same thing, Anon. Any decade where men wore the waist of their pants at their waist instead of around their knees is a great decade. That includes the ’80s or even the ’70s! Give me one of those jumpsuits over saggy pants any day!

  1. Hey, they’re outside, getting exercise (it’s implied by the skateboards), and have no electronic gadgets affixed to their heads.

    Yeah, I’m nostalgic for my kids’ childhoods, even if they’re not.

  2. Worst decade *for fashion* ever, maybe! But I remember the 80s with fondness and I miss it terribly! My kids think anything from the 80s is hilarious, but just last week, my daughter’s boyfriend bought a Rubik’s Cube! He learned how to solve it, thanks to YouTube, the night before, so had to buy one to test it out. I just remember with great clarity, how satisfyingly it fell to pieces when you threw it at the wall!

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