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  1. I’m sorry Ms Tequila, but Hitler and his cohorts WERE monsters and nothing you or anyone else says will change my mind on this FACT!

    What I truly hate about people like this Ms Tequila, is this watering down of the horrors of the concentration camps, the gas chambers, the experiments carried out on innocent people, the torture, the degradation the prisoners were made to feel; they were sub-human to the Germans and made them do all sorts of humiliating things for their own amusement. Why are people trying to water down theses atrocities?

    It’s bad enough that the UK has removed teaching about the Holocaust out of the school curriculum, because it “offends” certain “ethnic” students. There are Neo-Nazis who are still trying to convince the world that the Holocaust never happened; it was all propaganda. Staged if you will. The photos of the horrors in the camps taken by American Military were fake. How do you fake so many bodies spilling out of gas chambers, or the skeletal scarred prisoners who were still alive?

    It saddens me that there are those who want to say it didn’t happen or that we were lied to about the activities in these camps. We cannot afford to have these atrocities swept under the carpet, while we look the other way. That would be a bigger tragedy by far.

    Sorry, will get off my soap box now.

    • I agree with all of your post except for the part ‘they were sub-humans to the Germans’ – that should read – Hitler and the Nazis – there’s a big difference. My grandfather was a German and he was a POW under Hitler for publicly speaking out against the man.

  2. About the nicest thing I can bring myself to say is that with all her all-over-the-map loony statements, she seems to have suffered some kind of break with reality. I’m hoping someone gets her some mental help soon and maybe when she’s right in the head she can apologize for shit like this. The alternative, that her brain is genuinely this badly wired, is too horrible to contemplate.

    Meanwhile, Dwight Eisenhower continues to look smarter every year. The fact that in 1945 he could foresee Holocaust deniers, and took the steps to document everything that happened to counter them, is simply amazing.

    • Exactly! I couldn’t remember which general it was, but he was a wise man indeed to document everything. How some people can deny that irrefutable proof is beyond me.

  3. If you post this and you’re a 300 pound hairy bald guy you’re an insane outcast. If you’re a 4′-11″ semi-pornish well-off spinner with teats a-dangle and ass a-bouncing then you are a complex person with many layers.

  4. Of course, this is also the woman who just said Paul Walker was murdered. How one is murdered in a single-car wreck with dozens of witnesses that also killed the driver is beyond my ken, but obviously she’s figured it out. EXTREMELY trustworthy source, here.

  5. Can we talk about the real problem here? That infinity symbol is clearly just a sideways “8.” A real infinity symbol has horizontal symmetry!!!

    Also, since when does anyone pay attention to Tila Tequila? I mean, she’s so irrelevant that not even the juggalos wanted to hang out with her!

    • I have no idea what ‘juggalos’ are, but it sounds bad, really, really bad if a group with the name “Juggalos” think you are irrelevant, then you really, really must be so.

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