13 thoughts on “Ri-goddamn-diculous

  1. Yes, we are all getting a little too precious! I had no idea what it was, and somehow, now I do know, still not offended! It was a joke, so sad that no one can take one any more.

  2. I think it’s very brave of these young women to proudly display their amputated fingers. Good on them for overcoming their loss to become sports stars.

    Wait…that’s not what they’re doing?

  3. Oh, give me a break. For our senior class photo, my friends and I all flashed the “awkward turtle” on our laps. Nobody gave a damn. Sure, there is no sexual connotation, but we still broke the rules in a school with a suspension-happy administration.

  4. My son did the same thing in a picture for a poster for his wrestling team’s schedule. There were 20 other kids in the photo. No one noticed until he pissed off a teammate, and the teammate told the coach.

    Then the shit hit the fan! He was kicked off the team, suspended for a day of school, and required to reimburse the boosters for the $450 it cost to print the posters (though they used them anyway).

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