12 thoughts on “GO BIG OR GO HOME

  1. 1. He had enough pee-pee to smack someone in the face. Way to reach, guy!

    2. On the serious side, had it happened to one of my girls, let’s just say the ladder extended, but there was nothing to retract.

  2. In Australia, we call that being “turkey slapped*”.

    *I do not condone such shenanigans! But a couple of guys got ejected from the Big Brother house here for turkey slappin’ a couple of the girls in the house. Livened things up for a while on an otherwise dull as dishwater show.

  3. Is anyone else shocked that this suspension form requires the teacher to note the students race??? What possible purpose could that serve? It has no relevance to a disciplinary note, unless this school has race-specific rules and punishments or is compiling profiles of each races’ school infractions, weither of which would be fucking crazy…

  4. Anyone else notice the bottom part of the form… How are SXB, SXH and SXO not ticked? WPO? That one’s moot. The fact that there is a box for “Homicide” is unsettling…

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