This is how WE celebrate Black Friday (cross-post)

Courtesy of my beloved¬†April,¬†I proudly present the worst collection of holiday music ever recorded. She has a gift for finding these diamonds in the rough. It’s no wonder I love her so.

^^^^This is just a partial list. Much more awfulness at her site.

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3 thoughts on “This is how WE celebrate Black Friday (cross-post)

  1. Put these on the ol’ Victrola, and you are GUARANTEED to have the house to yourselves the whole season! Well, maybe you’ll have a few of the drunks who actually LIKE this!

  2. As much as I love The Louvin Brothers, they do have some real duds in their catalog, including this Christmas dreck.

    Too bad it’s not on YouTube, but I have a lounge version of “What Child Is This?” sung to the melody of “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, entitled “What Sweet Child O Mine Is This?” It’s actually not near as bad as it sounds.

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