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  1. We are not autotrophs. I don’t see how consuming organisms of a different kingdom makes one morally superior. I’m checking it’s all members of kingdom Animalia that are off the menu to be vegetarian/vegan/whatever you want to call yourself to feel special, or just subphylum Chordata? Or does stretch to other phyla like Mollusca and Nematoda? If the latter, what happens if you get a roundworm from the soil and it dies in your intestinal track and you then digest it? Do you have to kill yourself?

  2. He does seem to be getting increasingly cranky lately. Maybe he’s not getting laid. Anyway, he’s giving us vegetarians a bad rap and I wish he’d calm down.

      • Actually there’s a theory that God allowed humans to eat meat after the great flood for two reasons –

        1: He/She realized His/Her creation had become blood thirsty and it was hoped by letting us kill animals we’d stop trying to kill each other so much.

        2: The earth itself could no longer produce plants that gave a full range of nutrition and meat became necessary for humans to survive.

        However, then God turned around and gave the rules for living kosher – which is actually really super complex, it’s a lot more than not eating bacon cheese burgers. Because He/She wants us to eventually find it so hard to keep kosher we all become vegetarians again like Adam and Eve were.

        And a lot of the kosher rules on what animals are okay to eat is because of a “you are what you eat” line of thought. If you eat predators like lions you’ll become predatory. If you eat creatures that eat garbage and feces like lobsters and pigs, you’ll become someone who is garbage and full of feces.

        So only animals that chew their cud and have hooves cause then you’ll become docile and peaceful like them.

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