Few things boil my blood more than terrible parking. Terrible, incredibly selfish parking, I might add. I saw this one yesterday while I was out walking with my lady. This guy deserves some kind of Asshole of the Year Award.

From the reverse angle you can clearly see that, yes, he actually took up FOUR parking spaces. And they were all marked “Compact.” You can’t park any worse than that.

I see no reason to pixelate the license plate. Fuck that guy.

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20 thoughts on “RAGE

  1. The only exception would be if his corpulent heaving carcass were heaved over across the bench seat, guttocks-down, having just suffered a massive coronary and having rolled randomly to a stop there. Even then I’d open the door and pee on him.

    • I had a heart attack Friday at the hospital during a stress test. I had been having chest pains for 4 weeks before I paid attention to it. I can assure you….I parked impeccably everywhere I went.

      So he doesn’t get let off for that.

      BTW LADIES…our symptoms are often different from men’s. I’m only 48, I’ve lost 30lbs in the last 3 months and exercising. I had a 99% blockage the Doctor said is called a “Widow-maker”. I would get out of breath, and both arms started to ache. No sharp pain, more a deep achiness like when you get flu, and my collarbone ached, and lower back pain. Get it looked at ladies. I was extremely lucky they pulled me off the tread mill and into the cath lab. I have a stent now and most importantly, I didn’t miss the 50th anny of Doctor Who!

      oh…and I’m still alive!

      • Glad to see you still kickin’ girl! Our symptoms tend to be more generalized, and more likely to be ignored both by us and our doctors. Most often dismissed as indigestion or heartburn. It’s a good thing you were in the right place at the right time.

        • I had gone to a different hospital’s ER a week and a half before….they told me it was just stress and gave me lorazapam. I still scheduled the treadmill test and I’m glad I did.

          In between its silly old me lifing xmas trees, going up and down ladders, downpacking gallon containers of bed bug spray at Home Depot. LOL…I just kept on, keeping on…right though the pain until my appt.

      • I had my first heart attack at 35, almost 20 years ago. You give good info and inspiration! All I can add is: If you use birth control pills, DON’T SMOKE. And vice versa.

        (I finally quit smoking in 2010, but am still facing a quad bypass, if I can ever afford it.)

  2. I can see the Yelp review now:

    Hired this company to do my bedroom. Not only was the work rushed and shoddy, but the flooring job ended up covering half my bathroom and a quarter of the hallway too. 1 of 5 stars. Would not hire again.

  3. This guy deserves an award, but only runner-up for Asshole of the Year. The grand prize winner was in my neighborhood last week, who parked nearly identically, except for the fact that the four parking spaces he occupied were the only handicapped spaces in the entire parking lot.

  4. You can only hope 4 people in compacts with nothing to do that day wandered by and blocked him in for hours or days.

    One night I came home from class to find some dick parallel parked half in my space and half in the only other space on the street – I eased in behind him with my rear bumper just barely in my space, my front bumper clearing his by about 1.5 inches. Then I called my cousin to come spend the weekend and had her park in the other space the dick was occupying. She stayed all weekend. Presumably Dick Parker did, too.

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