I’ve seen a lot of dumb protests in my day…

…but I have a hard time remembering one as stupid as this.

It was a joke told by a kid. A joke that was unscripted. ABC and Kimmel have apologized for it anyway. What else do these protesters want? Do they want that Jimmy Kimmel should lose his job over an an unscripted joke told by a 10-year old?

We’re doomed.

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6 thoughts on “I’ve seen a lot of dumb protests in my day…

  1. It’s still hot out here in Phoenix. We’re all very, very angry. I want Grimm cancelled because I blame it for war. All war throughout time.

    But yeah. Fuck these people. I’d go tell them off if I were willing to leave my air-conditioned house.

  2. I bet 99% of the protesters haven’t seen the show, or the actual kid making the actual “joke,” and are just responding to the call of their talking-head masters.

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