11 thoughts on “Check your privilege

  1. I find the smug look on his face and the obvious “hey look at me” efforts more offensive than the shirt. The real test is if he sits next to a guy that looks like Kimbo Slice with it on.

  2. I the woman wore a T shirt that said Proud to be black! we wouldn’t be having this discussion because you all would be praising her for her bravery…

    Has our society come to this where white people are put down and shunned just for being white? we were born this way! why can we not be proud of who we are?

    fucking democrats and the media that put labels on shit like this, that we are supposed to believe that black people are forever inferior? last i knew that we are all equal. so why the double standard?

    oh… by the way… my dislike record stands at 78. i’m pretty sure i’ll beat it with this comment. lol


    • Pretty sure since white people have long had a place of privilege, particularly in this country, it comes off as pretty assholish to proudly announce how great it is to be white on your chest, especially when sitting right next to a woman who happens to be of a race that about 50 years ago wouldn’t have been allowed to sit next to a white guy on a bus. Or use the same water fountain. Or eat at the same restaurants. Or go to the same schools. You get the idea. And it’s not like after the civil rights era ended, everything got all rainbows and puppies for black people in this country. In fact, there are STILL a lot of persistent assholes who hate people just because they’re black.

      The point is, it’s pretty rotten to gloat about your position of privilege. Maybe if black people wear a shirt that says “Proud to be black”, they’ve put up with enough crap in their lives because of their skin color, they have actually earned the right to be proud of that fact.

  3. I keep coming back to the cleverness of the shirt. I wouldn’t wear it (and I still think the kid looks like a smug arse), but the shirt does score points with me. We need more clever word smithing in this world.

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